Agree, the flagship line of Apple smartphones looks awesome. Every time I watch the September presentation, you have mixed feelings, even at times a disappointment — well, again, the old design, this is the unibrow or bangs. But it is necessary to come to the store or showroom and take the new phone in hand, as it starts here, this is the magic of Apple. Just wonder how good he looks, how amazing is nice in the hand, look how beautiful housing in new colors and what new unusual look classic colors of the buildings for fresh flagships. And now, just a couple of minutes you already want to take a trade-in from your camera and get in line for the new iPhone. And this beauty really do not want to hide in a protective case.

Well, at least the first few days, a week, a month. But we all know what happens when you drop this beauty on asphalt, tile, and even laminate home. Front glass and rear glass, Yes, it is very painful and incredibly expensive. And if it happened in the first days after purchase, try to find another quality Chinese counterpart and the service center where it will make the beauty (although we have one in mind). And the frame is made of surgical steel very good scratches and rubs.

The desire to sell the gadget in a year or two at a good price causes striving in every way to maintain marketability. That has along with the purchase of the new flagship to immediately buy him the protective glass and case.

What are the cases for iPhone

Variety of accessories for the iPad on the market, one can only wonder. China generously supplies their buyers using AliExpress and similar sites, and direct supply to traders who massively imported it all to our warehouses and from there straight to a variety of shops and stalls. We have almost every supermarket, subway stations, markets — in a word everywhere selling a wide range of cases and provides the service for the gluing of the protective films and glass. At one time it was the fashion, especially it concerned women, buy iPhone cases with all sorts of sequins, rhinestones, Bunny ears and other Pribluda.

Men mainly took the practical classics of silicone, mostly dark colors, some chosen special shockproof design, which were significantly wholsale and weigh down the iPhone.

And there are very good analogues of the original covers. In General, the whole Chinese range is designed for an audience that wants or something unusual and original, or in spite of them. But in the latter case, it is worth Recalling the saying that the avaricious pays twice. For example, for iPhone 6s I had to change a good quality case “a La under the skin” before the end of the first year of operation. Aftermarket Smart Cover for iPad I have not lived a year.

The same applies to non-original Sarkisov — they have no magnets and not always been able to lock-unlock the tablet when closing-opening, they are pretty worn out and started to tear after six months of operation.

Another thing — the original covers. Real leather case for iPhone 6s I have lived for four years. It is badly rubbed and worn, but his life worked in full. So today in this article I will share the experience of using the original accessories for my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

What are the cases for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max sells Apple

Our favorite company sells the following original covers for its flagship smartphone:

  • transparent case;
  • silicone case in twelve colours to choose from;
  • leather case in six colors;
  • leather case Folio in five colors;
  • case Smart Battery Case in three colors.

Lower segment at a price represent the first two are representative, transparent, and silicone covers, respectively, the upper price level is a leather Folio case and Smart Battery Case. Try to deal with each of them separately.

Transparent case for iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max

This amazing accessory by Apple specially created for its latest flagships, to emphasize their beauty. I also really didn’t want to hide the amazing dark green color of the body under cover, so a transparent version of me seemed ideal at first, the operation of the gadget.

Today on the official Apple website , this accessory is 3349 R. Of course more expensive than the Chinese counterparts. But these counterparts are usually quickly turn yellow, break, scratch and do not protect the iPhone. What with the original case? As stated by Apple, it is made of transparent polycarbonate and flexible TPU.

It really is more flexible and softer side and its back is quite stiff and resistant to bending. The undisputed advantage of the accessory is the presentable appearance of the gadget, Packed into it.

And one more thing — he is not afraid of water, unlike the expensive leather cover. Therefore, considering the flagship iPhone protection standard IP 68 (allowed immersion in water to a depth of 4 meters up to 30 minutes), is the most suitable option. Of course, I have not experimented with immersing the iPhone in water. We all remember how the previous generation of flagships (X and XS) could easily refuse to Face ID after a failed swim. But fact is fact. After accidental contact with the liquid case enough to remove, clean and everything — is possible without problems to use on.

And another thing, as promised by Apple, for four months this case I have not turned yellow. The benefits end. And the disadvantage is primarily that it is terribly hard to remove and dresses. At least the first time. There are many readers in our Telegram chat can argue why often withdraw and wear a cover. My previous iPhone I had indeed removed the original leather case only a few times during the four years of operation.

But here, under the transparent material is very easy to gets all sorts of dust and very small speck of dust, dirt, sand, etc. first, it is visually annoying, because you lose all aesthetic appearance of the iPhone, and secondly small particles of dirt, sand and debris can be a good abrasive material, which easily will leave not one scratch on the back of the device. When removing the dressing case sooner or later begin to appear cracks in the corners, usually first on one or both lower.

And yet, contrary to the assurances of Apple, it is badly scratched, well, just like the case for Airpods headphones. From a distance everything seems to be beautiful, but up close, especially in good light — a complete disappointment and it’s literally in the first month of operation. The case is quite fragile. With a good drop iPhone it will likely crack with little drops, it will be badly scratched.

It turns out, for the price, the transparent cover can hardly be called premium product of high quality. I believe that it is absolutely not worth the money.

Silicone case for iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max

This masterpiece of design ideas are presented in twelve colors: “Wild cactus”, “Pink grapefruit”, “Blue wave”, “Juicy pomegranate”, “the Blue beryl”, “Ripe Clementine”, “the Pine forest”, “Sea ice”, “Pink sand”, Dark blue, White, Black and Red (Product Red). Price in the Russian Apple Store 3349 R., just like we discussed above the transparent cover. But here the ratio quality/price, in my opinion already more than adequate.

Smartphone case surely lies in the hand without the risk of slip. The back cover is fairly rigid and has an inside microfiber. It is definitely a big advantage for the transparent case, as the rear glass of a smartphone is much better protected from scratches. Another advantage — easy to clean case from contamination. I, for example, cleaned with a cotton disk soaked in alcohol, and the appearance of the case is not deteriorated. The outer part of the case is not afraid of contact with the liquid, but the inner with a microfibre to get wet should not.

The disadvantages should be primarily attributed to the so-called “rubber effect”. It is good when holding the smartphone in hand, but very bad when trying to put or take it out of the narrow pocket of jeans or pants. Rough surface clings to the lining and often pulls the inside pockets together with your iPhone. Even the purses that I often carry with me, for this reason it is convenient to get the phone.

A second disadvantage of silicone cover is its unique ability to attract all the dust and dirt. Fortunately it is very easy to clean. Just have to do it often. Well, or accept the not very presentable appearance. Over time, the matte surface of the case starts to jam. First, he begins to “Shine” on the corners and ends, and then across the surface. I have not yet dropped your iPhone from a great height, but many people on various forums complain that drops on the corners and the ends of the silicone cases at the point of impact exploding, from which plastic is exposed and the view is depressing. But here it is necessary to understand the real purpose of the case protection for the iPhone.

Leather case iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max

This case I bought last. I already had the experience of operating the original analogue with the iPhone 6s, which I was very pleased, but would like to try out a transparent and silicon counterparts. Leather case is a pretty expensive accessory. Apple sells it in official store for 4349 R. Available in the following colors: “Lemon syrup”, “Green forest”, Dark blue, Golden brown, Black and Red (Product Red). Subjectively it seemed to me that he’s a little thinner than the silicone case. Looks very premium. Very nice feels in the hand. Skin case is easily scratched, but after some time the scratches are cleaned out, and as if by themselves are.

Once I managed inadvertently to put the nail pretty deep and long scratch and is very upset about this, however, just a week and a half already and I couldn’t find the scratch on your case. Authoritative bloggers on YouTube talk about how when you drop an iPhone on the corners, leather original seat covers torn, exposing the plastic base, but over time, the space breaks overwritten, and it looks not as ugly as the Chinese fakes of colour options. Inside back cover also has a microfiber.

In contrast to the transparent and silicon analogues leather case features aluminum buttons — side, increasing and decreasing the volume. Pressed as though they are dealing with by iPhone without a case. If the cases of third party buttons are pressed tugovato, and in my leather case for iPhone 6s also had this fault, now Apple reworked so that these tactile sensation of pressing just wonderful.

Like silicon, leather case is also eventually erased. Only aging effect here is not glossy, and so-called natural patina. On different color covers, it looks different. On the Internet you can find many pictures of the worn covers. My black cover for iPhone 6s in four years, very much rubbed, and looked not so hot. Leather seats are pretty cracked, the Apple brand is gone like it never existed at all. In four months of operation of my “Green forest” for iPhone 11 Pro Max looks very good, yet to judge its wear I can’t.

Leather case is very afraid of contact with water. Of course, a simple spray does not pose a threat, rubbed, Yes, okay. But prolonged contact with water kills the skin completely. The view in this case will be very miserable. Not abuse it with rubbing alcohol and wash detergents. All this love cover. I started to wipe it regularly with alcohol original leather case for the iPhone 6s and the iPad Air 2 only after three years of operation, when the appearance and the first and second were far from ideal, especially to lose something.

And yet the case perfectly absorbs odors. That is, you cannot for example have hands smoked fish, and then the same dirty hands to take out your iPhone and call someone. Case instantly in addition to dirt will absorb the smell. From a distance it’s not so noticeable, but when you put camera to your ear to talk, it becomes very noticeable.

Other original covers from Apple

I did not use because of the high cost another leather accessory from Apple — leather case Folio. Apple offers it in the Russian store for 11199 R. Available in the following colors: Crimson, “Blue depths”, “peacock Green”, “Ripe eggplant” and Black. Judging by the reviews online, the product was mixed and extremely expensive.

The advantage of the book form-factor is obvious — when you open both the iPad lights up the screen and unlock the gadget using Face ID; when you close the iPhone will be locked. Here, perhaps, and all. I subjectively inconvenient to use in any case-the book, as while talking on the phone the cover has to wrap to the back of the smartphone and to press sometimes several tens of minutes heavy the device to your ear. Folio case does make the already wide the smartphone is wider and unpleasant side rests on the palm and fingers.

If you do not wrap the cover, it will be unsightly hanging and from time to time to smack you on the cheek. But these are my subjective feelings on the showroom floor. Perhaps for a while of operation, I would have used. I also do not like that when you hold the smartphone at least in one hand, though two hands, the cover of the Folio will still need to turn back, otherwise it hangs and stops to consume the content from the screen and folded back, then the device is lying in his hands.

Separately, is true of the pockets provided in the cover of the Folio. As planned by Apple, this case should be replaced by a classic purse. But on YouTube there are lots of spots where you can see how ridiculous case Folio with huddled in his credit cards, business cards and cash. There is the logical question, why do we all Yes, and for the price? But apparently, Apple really is better to know what really users need.

About the case Smart Battery case on our website have already been articles. And online reviews enough. Today Apple sells it for 11176 R. is by far more expensive than conventional powerbank. But more portable and native.

Available three colors: “Pink sand”, White and Black. Besides the high prices there are still two shortcomings — a significant thickening of the smartphone and its significant weighting at the expense installed in the battery case. For everyday wear — hardly the best solution, but for people who travel on business, for a long time are moved to transport, where there is no possibility to charge your gadget, it’s a decent replacement powerbank. Everything else about this case we can say from experience of using the silicone case.