One of the main enemies of electronic devices is water, which according to this criterion, shares the first place with physical damage. Indeed, scarier drop iPhone on the floor, which may damage the display or case, can only be spilled on MacBook keyboard water or Coca-Cola. In this case, if quickly not to take any action, the computer can cause serious damage. And it is not about to wipe the keyboard dry wipes — liquid quickly penetrates, and from there you can’t reach. Electronic components and MacBook really do not like water and all similar liquids.

Sooner or later this problem can happen to anyone, I did not so long ago had the temerity to accidentally knock over the Cup of coffee on the table with the MacBook, since the liquid didn’t get to the laptop. However, not always so lucky. What to do and where to go? Better professionals who almost every day meet with such problems, this question no one can answer. Therefore, we asked for comments to Apple service center Pro.

The MacBook is exposed to water

What is the sequence of actions if the MacBook is exposed to water or other liquid? The service center still need to be reached. What to do in the first place?

I have to say — please do not place the laptop in the pic, do not attempt to disassemble it or dry with a hair dryer. If you really want to minimize the damage, first disconnect the MacBook from charging (for some reason, many do not do), disconnect any connected accessories like flash drives, cables for the monitor and adapter.

Then spread the towel and put the laptop keyboard down — it can help to get rid of the fluid. These steps are better done while you dress up to go and show the device to specialists. Here every minute counts. If possible, bring your MacBook to a service center in the same position (the keyboard down with a towel or cloth).

What if it’s not to do? What can be the consequences of water ingress in a MacBook?

If you just wipe the laptop and continue to use it, it can even last for several days (more if the fluid got very little). But then we should not be surprised when the computer suddenly shuts down. Due to moisture corrosion appears in future it is necessary to replace damaged circuits in the service center. There have been cases when water damage was so severe that replacement was the entire motherboard. This repair is not cheap,it is possible.

Prompt intervention will help to minimize the damage, in our practice, it happens sometimes, when it was enough just to clean the laptop after the water ingress, as the owner quickly brought it to the service. In the interest of the user to pay for the repair less. You don’t self-medicate and do not continue to work if badly injured leg? Same here.

Repair MacBook after water ingress

How is the repair MacBook after water?

Even if you drenched after a little while, the motherboard may still be traces of oxides and even corrosion. Before diagnosis we clear the Board from oxides and place it in a special bath with chemical solutions. In the case of severe corrosion in addition uses gentle ultrasound.

Only then can you move on to diagnosing the motherboard and all computer components. Specialist detects damage by using diagnostic equipment for service centers.

That often breaks down in the MacBook after being hit by water?

Really be damaged any electronic component. But most often fail controller of the motherboard and rot away tracks on it. Goes wrong keyboard, trackpad, cables, refuse of the USBports. There were times when replace was the battery. The problem is that the motherboard oxides are formed, and begin the process of corrosion, which cannot be resolved at home.

What advice would you give to avoid such situations?

Do not drink coffee or a coke next to the laptop! (Laugh). But we understand that it is a little workable, especially in terms of isolation, so just try to treat my MacBook more careful and at least not to put the Cup with the liquid too close. Nevertheless, if the trouble is not bypassed, and the MacBook is exposed to water, we have all the tools that allow you to perform quality repairs. Can bring it yourself to our office (just don’t forget to issue a pass to leave the house) or to call the courier. To make it available for free on this page, or make a request here, the courier will deliver the device to our service center.