After the release of iPhone SE 2020 there were many comparisons of the new smartphone with Apple including with the current flagship — the iPhone 11 Pro. As the main argument in favor of the iPhone SE 2 is usually called its price (and indeed it is) as well as the newest CPU A13 Bionic. Rarely, when Apple sets the budget smartphone hardware of their top devices. But despite all the advantages the iPhone SE, he still can become a serious rival to the iPhone 11 Pro. There are at least 5 things a flagship Apple, but can’t make it the most affordable iPhone.

Face detection in iPhone 11 Pro

This difference 11 Pro from iPhone iPhone SE 2 catches the eye most quickly. If iPhone SE 2020 is used to unlock the fingerprint scanner Touch ID built into the Home button, the iPhone 11 Pro his place was taken by the facial recognition system Face ID. Some may like it more than the fingerprint scanner, and someone in our Telegram chat says that do not buy new iPhones due to the fact that he was accustomed to work with Touch ID. But the fact that iPhone 11 Pro is able to do.

Of course, now, when we are often forced to wear masks, Touch ID appears to be the preferred option. But 13.5 in iOS, Apple has made a number of changes, which you can use to ease the interaction with the facial recognition system, while in the mask. Or even set Face ID to unlock new look, though it turns out not all.

Camera iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro SE 2

The main difference between cameras iPhone SE second generation and iPhone 11 Pro is that they have a different number of modules. In the first, only one module at a time, as in the second of their three. If iPhone SE 2020 one wide-angle camera 12 megapixels, the iPhone 11 Pro system of three cameras with the same resolution: ultra-wide angle, wide angle and telephoto.

In normal life I often use a wide angle module, but more often two-fold optical zoom. But it can be forgiven iPhone SE 2. But support night mode in this phone is not enough. On iPhone 11 Pro get to take pictures almost in the pitch dark (and very good), which is not true of the budget smartphone Apple.

Overall, 11 Pro on the iPhone the image is significantly more artistic. That is, the background is blurred more smoothly and naturally. This is especially important when photographing subjects, as when shooting people, the treatment works well and the blur still looks very soft. In the rest of the pictures for your iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro SE 2 are very similar.

The display of the iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro SE 2020

iPhone SE has an LCD display Liquid Retina and iPhone 11 Pro — OLED screen, made by technology Super Retina XDR. There is no doubt that the iPhone screen 11 Pro looks more cool, thanks to contrast 2 000 000:1 and support for HDR. Its OLED display is capable of displaying deeper blacks than LCD-display for iPhone SE with 1400:1 contrast ratio

The colors are juicy, and the screen is easy to read in bright outdoor lighting. Well, the main advantage of iPhone 11 Pro screen 5.8 inches. For some it’s a minus, as it increases the overall size of a smartphone, but I like to watch movies or play games on this screen.

Who has the better battery — iPhone or iPhone 11 Pro SE

One of the main advantages iPhone 11 Pro on all iPhones (well, except for iPhone Pro 11 Max) — its battery. Larger size to accommodate the battery of an impressive capacity, this yields up to 18 hours video playback (up to 13 hours iPhone SE 2020) and up to 65 hours of audio playback (up to 40 hours iPhone SE 2020).

Both smartphones support quick charge (up to 50% in 30 minutes) but the iPhone 11 Pro power adapter with a power of 18 W included. And in the case of iPhone SE 2 it will have to be purchased separately.

Compare the front camera of the iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro SE 2020

Another reason to love iPhone 11 Pro is its front camera. In contrast to that in the iPhone SE 2020, it has shooting 4K video at 24, 30 or 60 frames per second and video stabilization in 4K. Also has the ability to shoot 1080p HD video at 30 fps or 60 fps, while the iPhone SE 2 is shooting only 30 fps. Well as a bonus slow motion video 1080p at 120 frames/s For bloggers directly what you need.