Apple – perhaps the most visionary company of those that I know. She does almost all new devices with stock, furnishing them with features that don’t work at the start, and are activated either reveal their full potential only after some time. So it was with the iPhone 7 Plus, which got support for portrait mode shooting only with the release of iOS 10.1, iPhone X, the speed of wireless charging that Apple was increasing gradually, and even your iPhone 11, who received the chip U1, but with very limited functionality. Now it’s time for MacBook Pro 13” 2020.

The new MacBook Pro with a screen diagonal of 13 inches and an Intel Core 10th generation, which Apple released last week, received the support of the power supply 87 watts. This is the only model in the line 2020, which is compatible with so powerful chargers, whereas all the others only support 61 W memory. This is stated in the technical specifications of the model. But, if you think this will work laptop provides the increased charging speed, you are mistaken.

Fast charging MacBook Pro

Despite the fact that the top specification MacBook Pro 13” supports the power supply 87 W, bundled with it is a 61-watt unit, but when you try to connect your laptop to a more powerful charging time is not reduced even for a minute. As reported by MacRumors sources, the fact is that the insides of the MacBook Pro 13” is simply not allowed him to increase the bandwidth, due to which the speed of recharge of the battery will be exactly the same as less efficient models of processors of the 8th generation.

This is another reference which indicates that initially, Apple planned to release to replace the 13-inch models, 14-inch. It is obvious that Apple is testing support 87-watt charger on an older version of the laptop is planning to implement a new one. She was supposed to and advanced acoustics, and an improved cooling system, like MacBook Pro 16″, which was released last fall and became a “real” upgrade of the line, which had been waiting for consumers.

What charger can charge a MacBook Pro

However, maintaining the same charging speed even when using a more powerful PSU doesn’t mean he will be useless at all. In the opinion of professional users, 87 W memory can be useful when performing demanding tasks when necessary a large supply of power. For example, to connect to the MacBook Pro multiple external monitors, which force the laptop to use more energy than if he worked alone.