For some reason I always thought that iPhone SE – the first, the second is first and foremost a fan of the smartphone, focused on wanting to nostalgic fans of “the Apple”. Affected rather a specific combination of toppings flagship, low prices and frankly the small screen. Android users who are accustomed to a few other scenario, this interest was unlikely. Still similar smartphones in this market does not exist, but because people in the party who would pursuit compact, even the flagship, I had no idea. But Tim cook and his team really can even.

iPhone SE 2020 is focused on the broad audience, including the users of Android is largely due to low prices. This was stated to investors Tim cook, Apple CEO, during the conference for the second fiscal quarter of 2020. According to him, the company expects that the release of new products to the market and attract audience with low income who could not afford the flagship iPhone and the top devices running Android, whose prices in recent years has grown really.

Why buy iPhone SE 2020

However, the advantage of iPhone SE 2020 is not only its price, which is much lower than smartphones with comparable characteristics and performance. It is also the highest performance, which the novelty has been achieved due to the newest CPU A13 Bionic. With it iPhone SE 2020 will work much faster than even the most powerful smartphone running Android, said Tim cook. After all, if the processor Snapdragon 865 can not compete with the A13 at the power of what to say about all the others.

We have always strived to offer our customers the best product at the most affordable price. This is our fundamental strategy, which does not change over time. As you know, we have in stock for a long time was the original iPhone, SE, so we are especially pleased to return to this beloved by many product. It will definitely be popular all over the world, but I expect that it will actively buy, where people’s incomes are on average not very high. For this reason, I expect that some users will switch to iOS, noted cook.

Why you need iPhone SE

Tim cook, being a well-informed leader knows the audience, which his company works. For this reason, at the time Apple switched to the larger iPhone models than the ones she’s ever released in the past. The launch of the iPhone SE 2020 was also carefully calibrated and strategically correct move, which will allow the company, firstly, not to drop profits in this difficult time, and, secondly, to make a very tough competition to all other manufacturers that do not have sleeve like trump.