I’m sure many once faced with the need to make a video not only on the back or front camera of the iPhone, but for two. For example, you want to make a video for your friends or just to upload to Instagram, but not just to record the video and comment on it in real time. For the first time about this possibility talking Apple at the presentation of iPhone 11, but the corresponding app, called Double Take was released in the beginning of this year. Until now it was exclusive with such functionality, but the Russian developers have released an app that is in some ways even better than the famous competitor.

The app is called FrontBack Camera and bribed us primarily by ease of implementation. You launch the app, a few seconds to tell you how to use it, and then see the picture from two cameras — front (on big screen) and back in a small window.

How to remove two camera iPhone

To drag the second window by clicking on it with your finger and move around the screen. It is also possible to increase or decrease its size using gestures multi-touch with two fingers. And if you press it twice, right angle will turn into a neat circle — I like this version even more, such a direct style of Instagram.

To start recording, simply click on the round button. Before that, you can change the camera in places, for example, a picture of the front of the module was on the big screen, and with the main camera — in a small window. And that’s all! Can record video from two cameras, the sound also will be recorded and with front and back camera.

The interface of the application is minimalistic, just like its possible. No you filters, change framerate and other settings that most iPhone users do not need. The sound is recorded quite accurately. He’s not behind the picture and not worse than when you record via the standard Camera app.

Which iPhone can shoot on two cameras

The advantage of the app is that it not only works on the new iPhone and iPhone SE 2020. The only difference is that on the iPhone without a wide angle lens a wide angle camera (front or rear), otherwise, everything is as on the flagship models.

Currently the app supports:

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE 2020

With the release of iOS 13 introduces a new API that allows you to record on two cameras from iPhone. About it it became known in the summer of 2019, but then it was assumed that this opportunity will be an exclusive feature of the new iPhone. However, unlike many innovations like night mode, which is only available in iPhone 11 and above, this is entirely a software, and therefore appeared on other iPhones.

Shooting two cameras

Why is it necessary? For example, you can shoot what’s in front of you and your emotions. It looks pretty cool. Well, if you want to remove the blog and be in the frame, it makes sense to choose a wide angle lens to cover as much space. You can even experiment and try to shoot the interview! In the video, will you and your partner, and then have nothing to glue when assembling and to adjust the sound for the picture. To do this, simply hold your smartphone up between you during the conversation. Surely you have in mind there are other interesting scenarios for the use of such shooting mode, tell us about them in our Telegram chat.

Someone wants to remove their children, friends, Pets, or just events happening in different places, for example, a sporting event. I think this app will certainly take its position on my iPhone. I may not use it too often, but sometimes it can be very useful, and I’ll be ready to capture the event in all its glory.