The U.S. air force urged the aviation industry to make flying drones Skyborg. Design AI needs to fly in the air in three years.

The US air force intends to replenish its fleet of robotic combat drones. First one needs to fly by 2023. New idea also assumes that the technology used to create the drone Skyborg, will allow you to combine an AI with a jet engine. In the end, should appear drones are able to fly next to fighter jets and to execute dangerous mission. Drones Skyborg should also be much cheaper than traditionally manned aircraft – the US air force will be able thus to develop its fleet while maintaining lower costs.

Drone Skyborg can change the military strategy of America. The original design was conceived as one that will use artificial intelligence and will be part integrated with the fighter. However, in the current version of Skyborg is expected to be a high performance unmanned aircraft, which will be similar to the standard fighter.

Skyborg drones will also be designed to perform dangerous missions, such as hunting or blocking networks of enemy air defenses. In addition, they will also be able to perform reconnaissance missions and hit a specific goal.

The BBC want the drones were able to avoid other aircraft, Dodge all kinds of obstacles and dangerous weather conditions. The apparatus also must take off and land automatically.