The relationship between the US and China is far from cloudless, and such geography what suddenly guessed the White house (trump) and the Ministry of defense of the United States, threatening the national security of the country. In early may, for two days, held a meeting with the leadership of the United States with the head of TSMC, with the participation of Tim cook. Later trump consulted on the same subject with Intel. TSMC is a Taiwanese company making chips for Apple, AMD and several other companies, a large part of the “LITEK” this company, where are manufactured the chip, is in Communist China. But, it seems, for a while.

Obviously, to produce chips in China cheaper than in the US, even with the transport costs. In China there is no problem with qualified personnel for such production, and are willing to work for relatively little money for 9-10 hours a day, 6 days a week. The American side with these arguments readily agreed – and that is to mind – and promised to provide any assistance, benefits and a lot of good stuff. Gigabyte even had pause to think. The media flew reports that TSMC agrees.

Who makes the processors for iPhone

Apple depends on TSMC even stronger than the US leadership is dependent on TSMC or Intel. All iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and other devices – processors, which are designed by Apple but manufactured by one of the Chinese or Taiwanese factories TSMC. Soon, maybe even this year (although most likely in 2021), the factories in China, TSMC will produce processors for the Mac. It is already inevitable. Apple from time to time accused of being a monopolist. That App Store, for example, violates the rules of fair competition. This accusation is almost recognized by the court –apart from Apple there are plenty of manufacturers of mobile devices, some of which (in pieces) sell them a lot more.

The fact that Apple is a monopolist, some truth still is: it is a monopoly for those who for some reason prefers its products everything else. Exactly the same monopoly for Apple is TSMC.

But if TSMC produces their chips in China or in neighboring California Nevada, for Apple there is no fundamental difference. Chip production in China established and perfected to the last detail. The quality of the chips meets the requirements of Apple. And the requirements are outrageous and controversial. Perhaps Apple is more profitable the current situation. So Tim cook at the meeting said nothing, only listened intently. Any answer TSMC on the generous offer of the American side of his suit. Hardly the US decides to impose sanctions on the Taiwanese company. USA would have suffered from them not less than TSMC.

In 2020, another partner of Apple - Foxconn, must run in Wisconsin 's Assembly line, which presumably will be the Assembly of "Apple" technique. But so far silent on this point.

TSMC said that to build a plant or plants in the US the company is not going. But this very idea is interest. In my opinion, is “no.”sales in China

Chinese Academy of information and communication technologies has published data on sales of smartphones in China for April 2020. The report of the Academy we are talking about the deals, but the volume of supply do not differ from sales, as organizations that sell some products in response to lower demand, reduce the size of orders – in reserve for future use no text books.

In April in China was delivered 40.8 million smartphones, which is 17% more than in April last year (34.8 million). However, according to private research companies, sale (supply) of smartphones from Huawei remained the same as last year, and iPhone sales were lower. That’s only accurate information (in pieces) about how many iPhone were sold in the APR – no. Until March of this year, the Academy of information and communication technologies reported two values: the total number of smartphones on all platforms were delivered in the sales organization, and, in percentage, how many of them were smartphones with Android. By simple arithmetic it was possible to know the number of Apple smartphones sold in China. The Academy now reports only the total number.