Starship is a large spacecraft that SpaceX is building. This week was spent testing the engine of the prototype SN4. Unfortunately, the attempt failed and the explosion occurred. This means that this version will not be launched to a certain height,these were the plans. However, Starship is still moving forward.

SpaceX builds another prototype ship Starship and puts them to the test. An earlier version of SN4 are unable to withstand the pressure test, which managed to successfully hold on to the past. The company Elon Musk believed that I would be able to make the first flights at lowHowever, there were problems.

On Starship SN4 was already installed engine Raptor. Not only that, Friday was even able to conduct the statistical test. Unfortunately, another attempt was a fiasco, and the explosion occurred. Thus, the fourth prototype destroyed. The exact cause of the crash has not been disclosed SpaceX. Watch this video below (the explosion occurred at 1 h 24 m).

The previous three prototype Starship was destroyed. So now probably will have the opportunity to prove themselves for the version of SN5. Perhaps this time, SpaceX will have more luck, but we can see it only with time.