Apple Watch, despite its compact size and minimal hardware, this device is extremely promising. Multiple tests, which exposed the brand smart watch Apple has shown that they can act as a fairly good diagnostic tool that can detect signs of a variety of diseases. And what disease is now considered the most important in the world? Of course, coronavirus COVID-19, to diagnose which is possible only through the analysis of biomaterial of the patient and the procedure CT. However, the Apple Watch may greatly simplify the detection of this infection.

Scientists at Stanford University want to find out whether the Apple Watch be used to diagnose coronavirus infection or determine its characteristics. However, this is not just a wish, but it is a current initiative to join which are invited all U.S. residents. For this you need to have Apple Watch to be an active user of smart watches (ie wearing them on a regular basis) and simply apply to participate. After the applicant’s data will be processed, it will either be invited to the program, or refuse.

Measurement of oxygen in the blood with the help of Apple Watch

According to the authors of the program, they plan to collect data on the heart rate of the participants, the temperature of the surface of the skin, the degree of blood oxygen saturation, etc. With the measurement of the pulse of Apple Watch is no problem. Built-in heart rate monitor, as a rule, accurately measures the increased heart rate, determines the characteristics of tachycardia and arrhythmias. And here is how the watch will measure the temperature and level of oxygen in the blood, the big question. Indeed, if for a measurement of the saturation of the Apple Watch has the necessary equipment, even after hours, here to determine the temperature you need a thermometer, which in hours just yet. Therefore, it is not very clear exactly how the researchers plan to obtain the necessary research data.

We only know that the participants of the program will need to set yourself on the special application, which is not in the App Store. Perhaps it will be able to activate the measurement of oxygen and to determine the temperature increase indirectly, for example, fixing the inflammation. But in this case, most likely, scientists will need the assistance of a manufacturer, he will provide. After all, the Stanford and Apple have been friends for a long time and are a lot of joint studies. One of them was the study of the ears more than a thousand volunteers, information about which was used in the development of AirPods.

Diagnosis of coronavirus

And now the most interesting.

  • The study’s authors still don’t know if I can teach the Apple Watch to diagnose the coronavirus or at least identify its symptoms;
  • The study will last up to two years, so do not expect that this fall Apple Watch will learn to diagnose COVID-19;
  • This project is a priority for scientists, so research is conducted on a full-time basis;
  • Program participants will have to send daily report about his health.

In my opinion, what you want to do in Stanford, deserves the warmest praise. After all, if their endeavor succeeds, this will definitely be more useless to you than tracking patients with coronavirus, which is offered by Apple. It is a pity that release detection will have a long time, because it must go through laboratory tests and then get a certificate of regulators about safety.