Every year, as soon as the “second fiscal quarter”, he is also the first calendar, the people decided to celebrate the middle of the “fiscal year” definition of the relative position of the stars of the industry and the calculation of various indices and ratings. In the prestigious Fortune 500 list this year, the position of Apple in comparison with the previous year worsened. But the iPhone again the unchallenged leader in the “ranking of customer satisfaction,” and his transcendent satisfaction index increased to even greater values. However, in the individual competition are all a little worse.

And the Fortune 500 and ACSI (American customer satisfaction index) – a purely American performance, outside the US the situation may differ significantly, but as the largest and most important market to Apple – it is a country of its location, these figures deserve our attention. Strange but true: even now, in the midst of coronavirus aggression, against the mass destruction of companies, from Apple all is well. Those who since the late 90s not final and the ignominious death of this company, broke it hope: 17 February, Apple warned shareholders that even conservative estimates of the results of the first calendar quarter coronavirus year was too optimistic and that in fact could be much worse. As in the beginning of 2019, when the “iPhone is dead” and “Apple is over”, this hope did not materialize.

How satisfied users of the iPhone

When calculating this index takes into account a variety of factors and apply a very abstruse criteria, but judging by the fact that the value of this index is from Apple has increased this year (returning it at the first place in the rating), it is likely that this index has some meaning. Last year the leaders in the rating was two. Apple and Samsung , the value of this index was equal to 81%. The index was calculated based on data for the period from April 2018 to March 2019, when the Apple has given its customers many reasons to deep dissatisfaction.

Then, what happened to the iPhone in late 2018 and early 2019 will go down in history. But, nevertheless, the satisfaction rating of customers for this period first place between Apple and Samsung.

The current indices are for the period from April 2019 to March 2020 and look more objective. The value of this index at the Apple increased by unity. Up to 82%. Samsung the index value has not changed. In both companies during this period were successes and failures, but the fall of Apple’s behavior suddenly changed. In a better way. When no it wasn’t. The company, before the keepers of their ecosystem from other people’s influences, not to mention someone else’s part in them began to open. Slowly and carefully, but that is not something momentary.the objectivity of such ratings does not matter, and even if the index primarily depends on the amount of money or that the company has donated its computers “for research” and its influence on the success or failure presented in the rating of companies should not be underestimated.

Satisfaction index American customer smartphones at all this year, rose 1.3%. From 79% in 2019, 80% in 2020. It seems that is the arithmetic average of the values of all indices in the list. 4 of the most satisfying companies in the world in the ranking of 2020 – Apple (82%, in 2019 – 81%), Samsung (81%, same as year ago), LG (79%, a year ago it was 78%) and Motorola (77%, last year it was 80%).

Company Fortune 500

The Fortune is a list of U.S. companies sorted by size of their income for “accounting period”. In descending order. In the first place the company with the biggest revenue, 500-m – the lowest of all included in this prestigious list of companies. Simply and objectively. At the end of the 90s, the entry of Apple Computer in the last hundred Fortune 500 warms the soul of Apple and all who for her “sick”. In 2002, the company was already 325 place in this list. But back in our time. Here are the top five Fortune 500 2020 year:

  1. Walmart, 524,0 billion dollars;
  2. Amazon, 280,5 billion dollars;
  3. Exxon Mobil, 264,9 billion dollars;
  4. Apple 260.2 billion us dollars;
  5. CVS Health, 256,8 billion dollars.