While these keyboards were pictures on the website of Logitech, and everything about them was known, it was told by the marketing Department of this company, they seemed to be something perfect. Constructed them in 2019, in anticipation of the promised Apple iPadOS support cursors and trackpads, but their publication had to be postponed. And now – the long wait behind in the product line Apple has introduced new laptops. In three of these keyboards from Logitech, andthe background magic keyboard (Magic Keyboard) from Apple, according to some, they look pale, with those for which they were created they do all hundred percent.reviews of Combo of Logitech Touch is still controversial.

About Magic Keyboard Pro for iPad (for 11 – and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 and 2020) has been written a lot, and because of its cantilever hinge they are really unique. The fact that they have overshadowed the creation of the Swiss engineers, it is not surprising, but not entirely fair. Something Combo Touch, named one of the naturalists tried it “quite an UN-magic keyboard”, superior “magic”. In addition, this keyboard with a trackpad is easier and cheaper.

Compare Magic Keyboard and Combo Logitech Touch

Keyboard from Logitech, as expected, is beyond praise. Mechanism – “scissors” key stroke in 1 mm, feeling quite comfortable. Someone wrote about the “plastic feel” – but that’s subjective. My personal test in Boston didn’t think so. In any case, it’s a perfectly working solution. As in the case of Magic Keyboard Pro for iPad, so that when simultaneously pressing the Shift key with numbers printed characters to be printed in these cases, in the system settings iPad need to explicitly choose the us keyboard.

The rest – pair the keyboard with the device it connects to instant, seamless, except for its connection to Smart Conneсtor from the user no action is required.

A number of function keys (tied to clearly defined actions that have a precise and unambiguous meaning when working with your iPad) – a significant advantage over the Magic Keyboard. If a complex of iPad and keyboard to use on a flat and large enough surface (which, in fact, this keyboard is intended) – above all praise. On her knees she’s uncomfortable. By the way, in the position “lying on back” – too. Or at the bottom of a swimming pool. Only in normal mode.

If you disconnect the keyboard from the connector Conneсtor Smart, stand-folded and with a tablet you can do anything, including read our Telegram chat. The magnets in the Smart Conneсtor strong enough to keep the connection with the peripheral device is in a connected state, but for obvious reasons, with a sufficient force of the hand, the connection breaks. To prevent accidental disconnection is impossible. It is unpleasant, but not deadly: when you re-enable keyboard automatically and very quickly, almost instantly, returns to its working condition.

The trackpad is slightly worse than the magic keyboard from Apple. In his “the top”, the one closest to the keyboard is dead. The habit (first few minutes) is annoying, then special problems because it is not. Where to Magic Keyboard Pro for iPad and Logitech Combo Touch does the excess weight is still unknown. The keyboard, especially the “magic”, very expensive, their autopsy almost certainly would be fatal to open the instance, and the times are not the most generous. And even the heaviest of keyboards with trackpad Magic Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro due to the “excess weight” does not become unbearably heavy.

To exaggerate this issue too, not worth it. In the end, the impression I have former colleagues from Boston are mostly positive. Logitech Combo Touch, in any case, better dead keyboard on my MacBook Pro.