On the night of may 1, Apple held a conference call during which he reported to investors about their financial successes during the fiscal second (calendar) quarter of 2020. Many expected that due to quarantine measures and coronavirus profit of the company will fall much, and even Tim cook had warned investors a couple of months ago. Nevertheless Apple is able to surpass even the wildest expectations of analysts,its prospects for the next quarter remain vague. How much Apple earned?


According to the information, Apple earned nearly as many this past quarter as for the same period last year. Despite the pandemic and the closure of shops, the Corporation managed to “go” due to sales early in the quarter.

What Apple

  • Apple’s revenue is 58.3 billion dollars (58 billion dollars in 2019)
  • Apple’s net income — 11,25 billion (in 2019 — of 11.56 billion)
  • Profit on Apple stock — $ 2.34 (2.38 last year)

Sales of Apple technology

Apple continues to refuse release of data on sales of its devices in pieces, and that financial report is no exception. Instead, the company reported as earned on each category of devices in General. You can see what brings her the most money (although we already knew this).

  • 28.96 billion dollars — iPhone
  • 13.35 billion — Apple Services
  • Of 5.35 billion dollars: Mac
  • Of 6.28 billion dollars: Apple Watch, Home and accessories
  • 4,37 billion dollars: iPad

Apple’s revenue from services grew to a record value in the history of the company once again. If before the iPhone was the main source of revenue, in second place was the iPad, and then Mac, now services the money behind the phone only twice. Given that the majority of people is the isolation, income from services will only grow — please share your opinion in our Telegram chat. By the way, profit from wearable devices is also reached record for all time.

What are these services? First Apple Music, iCloud and the Apple Arcade. But mostly, of course, talking about Apple Music and… Apple Pay. Don’t forget how much Apple gets from each transaction.

Report Apple Q2 2020 — main

  • 125 million people each month use Apple Music
  • Apple allowed not to pay the debt on the Apple Card for March and April due to coronavirus
  • Application for test COVID-19 from Apple downloaded 2 million times
  • Apple plans to buy back their shares for $ 50 billion
  • Apple’s Board of Directors declared the payment of an increased dividend of 0.82 dollars per share. The dividend will be paid on may 14, 2020
  • The US remains the most lucrative market for Apple
  • Apple is planning to pour $ 350 billion into the American economy in the form of taxes

The last quarter was for Apple are the most successful, but at the same time, the results were almost on the level of the same quarter last year. And even better, this applies mainly to the record income from services, wearable devices and accessories. The market reacted to Apple — stock first rose to 293 dollars, and then returned to 286 dollars.

Forecast of Apple in Q3 2020

The third quarter for Apple, as a rule, is the most calm. It’s not the holiday quarter, which you can use to understand how users have accepted the products and to compare it with other manufacturers electronics. However, not long ago, Apple revealed the iPhone SE 2, and soon WWDC 2020 and new innovations, so Q3 2020 may not be “so relaxed”. Apple hasn’t brought their own forecasts, as it does usually. Analysts believe that in the next quarter the company is waiting for the following indicators:

  • Revenue from 50 to 60 billion dollars
  • Gross profit — from 33.5% to 35.7%
  • Operating costs from 9.4 billion to 9.6 billion dollars