App Apple Music has changed in iOS 13, for example, introduced a feature that allows you to view the lyrics in “live” while listening. However, if we compare music streaming service from Apple with the same Spotify, the latter is more socially oriented due to the possibility to follow the activity of artists and see what friends are listening to. Apple Music has all chances to become the same app after the release of iOS 14 (as a rule, in this case, Apple seriously upgrades the iOS built-in programs), and a new concept from the designers allows you to see how it might look.

The concept of the artist page in iOS 14

New design Apple Music developed drew Morris, who posted his creation on Twitter. According to him, the idea was inspired by quarantine and social distance — hence the emphasis on new features that are designed to interact with other users.

I realized two things: social distancing makes it difficult for joint listening to music, and Apple Music need updating in this respect. To resolve this problem and has developed this concept, which I hope will not pass by the Apple designers. I believe that users want not just to understand their habits and musical preferences, but also to share them with friends and family.

Apple Music iOS 14

The essence of the idea — updated system profile in Apple Music. Each service user will be able to fill in your profile (just like in the social network), where he will talk about his musical preferences, the most listened tracks and albums and other information. Help him in this advanced Analytics system Apple Music, which knows the audience very well from the tracks that you most often listened to on repeat for a year before information about when you clicked on pause and not have to listen to a particular song.

One of the features presented in the concept, is to support the group playlists. In fact, this will allow you to create a playlist that you can add friends or family members that may also contribute to a common playlist. For example, was invited to playlist best friend or reader of our Telegram chatand he’s already added a couple tracks himself, and the song list was even more interesting. And then another, and brother. Or dad, if you with him the same taste in music.

A new feature is “Party” (engagement Party) will offer users Apple Music to broadcast their music to friends and family using prompts in real time. Here you like a particular playlist, send an invitation to a friend to hear him, and now you have almost a party, you’re listening to the same track in real time. And then touch the Zoom (or using FaceTime to chat hardcore was) and “party” all night.

Apple could roll out such functions in the past, when people only went to quarantine and isolation, but the company suffered from the coronavirus. Many projects were suspended, it had to deploy remote working for hundreds (and maybe thousands) of employees, and to update the Apple Music nobody was. Most likely, now all the attention of the developers in the Apple iOS is confined to a 14, which should lead to a normal form before showing the new version of the operating system at WWDC in June. Because immediately after the conference, I must be ready to release the first beta version.

However, one innovation associated with the Apple Music still occurred this month, Apple officially launched the web version of Apple Music, which is available directly in the browser.

More precisely, in fact, the launch happened in September of last year, but until now the service was in beta testing. During this time, the platform has undergone significant changes, but because the release version looks almost identical to test and still resembles the interface of apps for Smart TV.