Only a couple of days ago there were rumors that Apple may release a new AirPods headphones Studio, became known new details about this device — it looks like it will really show in the near future. According to insiders, Apple will not be limited to only one mode of noise reduction and “transparency”, as in AirPods Pro. No, Apple is far more ambitious plans — they want to build in the new AirPods recognition system of the head, neck, and left and right ear. Why is it necessary?

In AirPods and AirPods Pro ear recognition system is designed to stop playback of the track. When you get at least one earphone, the music (or video) stops, as if realizing that you have better things to do. And then, when you re-insert the earpiece into your ear, playback continues from the same place.

What is the AirPods Studio

AirPods Studio, if you believe 9to5Mac, will have similar sensors, which can determine whether headphones are on the head or on the neck. If the user suddenly “reset” the headphones on the neck, the music will automatically come on the pause, while he again do not wear full-sized headphones on his head.

The other sensor can automatically detect the user’s ears to configure audio channels. That is, no matter which side you are wearing earphones, they will adapt to you. In early 2019 Apple has shown interest in overhead headphones, by releasing another patent in the light. Then the discussion centered symmetrical design, which eliminates reference to the right or left ear. The headphones will automatically determine its position on the head and the right way to adjust the sound for the user. No need to look left a Cup under the left ear and the right under the right. It would be cool and then some overhead headphones find the same letter “L” or “R” — sometimes that’s a toughie.

When you connect headphones to your Mac or iOS device, the system unlocks the custom equalizer settings available with adjustable low, mid and high frequencies. It seems that Apple prepares an audiophile gadget, with serious twists in the audio.

Now we also know that full-size headphones Apple will have the function of active noise control and transparency mode are largely similar to those in AirPods Pro. But in an April report from Bloomberg indicated that the headphones will have replaceable ear pads and headband that will allow you to customize them to a specific user. Apple could also sell headphones of different materials, including a premium version in a leather execution. Or, for example, the sports version of waterproof materials.

Price AirPods Studio

How much Apple will ask for such a miracle-ear headphones? AirPods Pro is sold for $ 249, Beats Solo Pro, which can be developed the first full-size headphones to Apple for $ 299. In theory, the Apple-ear headphones will cost even more, possibly $ 349 or $ 399. That is about 30 000 rubles. A survey in our Telegram chat and on the website among the readers showed that the same amount willing to pay for a full-size AirPods not more than 10%. Almost a fifth of the maximum will pay 15 000 rubles.

However, almost half (44% of readers) do not think about buying these headphones. Not surprising, since make the decision based on rumors is very difficult.

Now the sound of the AirPods is difficult to name the reference. However, all this goes by the wayside, given the ease of use that I give AirPods Pro. Headphones have excellent integration with iOS are designed to work in the talk mode, and the method of charging is simply brilliant — thanks to the carrying case, the headphones always charged to 100%. In addition, the AirPods are very comfortable — they can be worn for a long time without any problems. Well, noise reduction and “transparency” — just a must-have for any headphones that are now available on the market.