Instance Magic Keyboard for 11 inch iPad Pro, which was photographed for the iFixit x-ray in California by Creative Electron, fell into the hands of the famous in industry of researchers at the innards of electronic devices. However, at some not very common conditions. The autopsy report (autopsy was not) was the epigraph: “you can’t reveal what does not belong to you”. Does anyone give them a keyboard with trackpad for temporary use, believing in their promise not to break anything? On iFixit, as soon as the keyboard was in their hands, it immediately opened.

It turned out that inside the magic keyboard, contrary to the traditions of the Apple magic the same way available to the inquiring look. Not all, but to get to the trackpad, not killing peripheral device for $ 299 (excluding taxes and charges) was made possible. The device was “wounded”, but not fatal. An autopsy was performed almost as always: sooner or later the protocols of autopsies there is a “strong heating” and “plate plastic”. In any case, the study iPhone or iPad without it can not do for many years.

Exciting action could continue, but on their way was the keyboard, so had to stop. Temporarily. In studying Magic Keyboard iFixit to see how to repair it, and write instructions. On the dead device to check whether it survived the repair, impossible. Write, check, and then already nothing stopping, it will disassemble to the last screw. There is not much to wait.

What about the epigraph? And in any way. After discussing what they saw on x-ray added the story about the partial opening of the device, the epigraph was removed. Just bought two or three copies, as usual, and only one. Such are the times now.

As revealed Magic trackpad Keyboard

From the Magic Keyboard seems monolithic and hopelessly closed from the curiosity of strangers. About what’s inside, have a right to know, only those who designed it, those who collected it somewhere in China, and, perhaps, managers and top managers, who oversaw its development and production. Each admitted to the intimate secrets of the keyboard gave a subscription about nondisclosure, and is not one in which its validity was not specified.

But all was not so hopeless. It is possible that even after a complete autopsy keyboard will be back together and reanimate.

Touching the innards of a mini-trackpad, gently playing with the system of levers and buttons, the design is gently returned to the original state, and she happily earned again. A pleasant surprise. Maintainability keyboard with trackpad not zero.

How does the Magic trackpad Keyboard

The fact that the x-ray looked like a few buttons were simple and elegant system of levers. Button trackpad the only one in the center. In the strong place construction. Clicking the trackpad in the center, or near it, we click on this button. Press on the surface of the trackpad closer to the edges resulting in the effect of leverage.

This elegant mechanism is without a doubt invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours of engineering work. The mechanism is triggered when clicking at any point on the surface of the trackpad. 2 – and 3-finger gestures are also considered at any point. This is the main difference of Apple trackpads from the vast majority trackpads more intelligent of the companies in which no one will come to mind to spend so much time on this, in their opinion, nonsense.

Invisible to the untrained eye clearance on the edge of the keyboard is held to the standard Apple glue, a drop of which is applied to the junction of the edges, and hides the impacts of violating the warranty. Specialist Apple authorised centre will easily expose the attacker, and no free repair or replacement of faulty devices will not be able to be considered.

Why you need a Magic Keyboard for your iPad?

Why not just write and not talking about Magic Keyboard Pro for iPad in our Telegram chat. With all due respect to the opinions of others, those who seriously argues that keyboard with trackpad turns your iPad Pro from the iPad in a weak analogue of Microsoft Surfaсe, depriving him of something not know what to say nonsense.

First, no one is forced to use Magic Keyboard, she’s not even included in the package and it must be bought separately. Second, even if a keyboard with trackpad is already there, it can be put aside and not use. There are third and fourth, but to take seriously this view difficult. And here is another opinion about the fact that when John Quince this monster never would have appeared in the line of Apple, it may well be true.