Before the release of iOS 14 there is not much time. Despite the fact that at first many doubted that the operating system will be released in due time, Apple appointed the conference WWDC 2020 for the traditional first month of summer, made it clear that experience is not necessary and everything goes according to plan. It could also company to develop iOS 13.5 in terms of home-based work, so why she is unable to complete the testing and debugging of iOS 14, the bulk of the work over which, most likely, already completed? However, iOS 14 is really a major update, which will find a lot of unexpected innovations.

IOS 14 will be a new app called Gobi, which will combine augmented reality technology and QR, learned journalist Josh Konstin. Apparently, it will allow the user to scan QR codes and to reproduce three-dimensional models of various goods and services. For example, now Gobi contains references to the AR-shapes Mac Pro, Apple Watch, the film “Outcast-one. Star wars: History” in iTunes as well – which is quite strange because has nothing to do with the augmented reality page of the registration in the loyalty program of Starbucks.

A QR code scanner iOS 14

In addition, said Konstin, Annex Gobi is very intimately related to location services. Why it is not very clear. Probably, thus in Cupertino plan to more effectively identify the location of users, to provide them discounts in the nearby shops or cafes like Starbucks. In principle, it sounds logical: the user will need to scan the QR code on the menu or the banner ad, the system will compare its current location with the location of the banner and will award a discount or bonus points.

Obviously, the Gobi is an internal name which is closer to release will be replaced by more commercially attractive and more abstract, because it selected for testing, the term all is quite unnecessary Apple’s Association with the famous desert. However, as reported Constin, he managed to detect in the fragment iOS 14, which he learned, the icon of the application with the signature of the Gobi. Therefore, we should not exclude that in Cupertino will come up with the title some interesting legend and leave him for good.

What’s new in iOS 14

Also waiting to change utility Locatorused to locate lost Apple devices. The company’s developers have put a set of sounds and animated effects, which will tell the user which direction to move in order to find missing. In fact, it looks like a game of “hot-cold”, only in this case it is quite a useful feature that can facilitate search, because for many it is difficult to navigate around the map, trying to match the painted objects with real.

If you forgot, we remind you that iOS 14 promises to be one of the most significant updates to Apple’s mobile OS for the last time. It will include a lot of new features that many of us have been waiting for:

  • Support for widgets that can be placed on the desktop;
  • The possibility to run the demo application without installing;
  • The ability to use the iPhone as an NFC key for the machine;
  • Tools to edit and delete messages in iMessage;
  • Multitasking in tablet format on your iPhone;
  • New voices for Siri, which will create the third-party developers;
  • Improved control of the iOS interface using the mouse;
  • The function of recognition of sounds of fire sirens, alarms or a baby crying to alert the hearing impaired.