It’s amazing how quickly change our preferences. If another 7-10 years ago was considered quite normal to do the jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to extend its functionality and get access to free software, then today will be quite difficult to find someone who will agree to break-in for these dubious benefits. However, this does not mean that those wishing to circumvent the protection of iOS is not at all. For the sake of someone hackers regularly create appropriate tools, day and night studying the most malleable of vulnerability of the operating system.

Hackers from the team Unc0ver unveiled a new tool that allows you to perform jailbreak iOS 13.5. Despite the fact that this is the current version of mobile OS from Apple, which logically must be free from all known bugs and software holes that hackers could find a way to approach her. New method of hacking used by their utility, based on a zero-day vulnerability, which allows you to install jailbreak on all devices running iOS from version 11.0 to 13.5, inclusive.

Is it possible to hack iPhone

According to the hackers, they have developed the procedure of jailbreak can be used to hack any smartphone and tablets Apple. This is a very important clarification, because it is believed that the new iPhone and iPad includes a special coprocessor, which prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities of the operating system. It turns out that in this battle the hackers and advanced security mechanisms from Apple, as if sad about it to speak, it won hackers, giving the company another reason to think about protecting your OS.

IOS 13.5 from the group Unc0ver unavailable for public use because it is intended primarily for research purposes. Experts in the field of information security will be able to hack with it, they are interested in the iPhone and iPad to have the opportunity to explore the protective mechanisms of the current version of iOS and other systems, responsible for the security of the operating system, hardware systems and user data.

Problems iOS security

Frankly, the iOS hacking 13.5 – this is not the first dig at Apple associated with the deficiencies in the security of its devices. In the beginning of the year about the masses of flaws announced Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company. And recently with the devastating statement made by Choki Bekrar, CEO Zerodium who buy information about vulnerabilities in iOS and resell it to special services. He stressed that in the mobile OS by Apple so many gapsthat it does not fit with the title of the most safe platform.

However, if you are worried for their safety, we need to make several important clarifications.

How hack iPhone

  • To install the jailbreak on the iPhone or iPad still need physical access to the device;
  • Selection of the password to the iPhone or iPad is only possible when it is physically connected to the hacking tool and can last decades, if the combination is rather complex;
  • Most of the vulnerabilities, oddly enough, practically does not threaten the users because they operate hackers have still to take possession of the device;
  • Apple promptly fixes a large part of the vulnerability, so it is enough not to neglect updates that will keep you safe.