Update the iPhone — the natural desire for any smartphone owner. IPhone or slows down, or ceases to receive software updates, not to mention the fact that in a few years any technique loses its marketability. Many users also think about buying when the old smartphone it’s time to carry in repair: corrupted display, not working Face ID or something else. Becoming more common in Russia now receiving the services for the exchange of used/new iPhone but if the phone is not working, it may not accept the trade-in program or to offer an small price.

In Russia already operates a service Greatsteve. Unlike many others, it allows not only to exchange used mobile for a new one, but also the faulty iPhone, even b/u to b/u in better condition. Is faulty new can be changed as the iPhone and the iPad Pro with a diagonal of 12.9 inches and 11, and Apple Watch Series 4 / Series 5. Get the identical device, same color and with the same amount of memory, but new! Importantly, the gadget was not older than 2 years from the date of activation.

To exchange the broken with a new surcharge often it turns out cheaper than to fix it in the service center! About the various programs apple trade-in Moscow, for reception devices, not to mention where the damaged smartphone will account for “a penny.”

Trade in Apple technology

Compare the cost of repair and the cost of replacing the iPhone entirely. If you accidentally drop the iPhone 11 Pro Max on the pavement or at home on a solid surface, which causes serious damage, you should be ready to pay for a replacement screen from 30 to 37 thousand rubles. This is the cost of repair to a good service center and not in the underground workshop, where the gadget will be experimenting with a soldering iron, and then put aftermarket display from the Chinese copies. A bit much, considering that 40 thousand roubles it is already possible to buy an iPhone SE 2020.

To exchange the iPhone for the SAME in the original film will cost 27 thousand rubles to 31 thousand rubles , depending on the terms of exchange. In the first case you will need to wait 10 days, and in the second it will be given immediately. The programme has broken, recessed devices and iPhones with a faulty Face ID and stripes on the screen. The iPhone is taken and returned without boxes and accessories, new is sure to be in the original film.

And as Affairs with a warranty?

When you exchange the device within 10 days, it remains and continues as if nothing had happened. There is a possibility to check model device on Apple’s official website: enter serial number of the gadget on the page and displays all information about it: valid date purchase, the right to technical support and repair at authorized service centers for warranty.

And if you enter the serial number of the old iPhone, will see a message that the device has been replaced:

If you choose to exchange a day (if you wait up to 10 days is not possible), the warranty on a new iPhone can range from 3 months to almost 2 years. The fact that in this case, the service provides iPhone from your Fund, and it may be a different period of operation before the exchange.

In any case, the price of repair or even cheaper you become the owner of a new device. It will not be chips, scratches on the display, stripes screen, broken sensors. The residual capacity of the battery will be 100%, for many it is important. This at the Apple Store you will not do.

What a broken iPhone can be exchanged for new

Exchange the faulty phone for a possible new iPhone models X and newer. For example, my iPhone X for several years, and during this time he was worn out, and now have about 20 thousand rubles will have to pay for the replacement of the display on the original due to the fact you dropped it on the tile. Simpler and more profitable — to go to the website Greatsteve and click on trade-in “faulty new”. Then click on the model of your phone.

Enter the memory place of purchase, indicate whether the iPhone repair.

Note the condition of the smartphone — in our case, the “Split screen”.

And immediately receive the exchange offer with specific price. 20 thousand rubles — and you will receive it in 10 working days, 24 thousand rubles — in the same day.

If you find a service centre, where they will spend a quality repair of iPhone screen X for 20 thousand rubles, offer to exchange it for the same new model program apple trade in looks much more interesting. Instead repaired the old iPhone will receive a new one, with a capacious battery and without any damage. The service works throughout Russia and in CIS countries.

How to exchange your used/new iPhone

In addition to exchange faulty iPhone for a new one, Greatsteve also offers the possibility to change the usual for a used iPhone. This is particularly true for owners of older Apple smartphones — iPhone 6 and others, who have not received the update to iOS 13 and already considered obsolete. Under the program , apple trade in, you can choose the model of your device, color, approximate date of purchase, amount of memory, the place of purchase of the device (from an official reseller in Russia, in Europe, with owner, etc.), whether the replacement of the screen.

Then you independently estimated state and enter information about the configuration. One could keep a complete set from the date of purchase and the other just the headphones and charging. Depends on how much you will need to pay in exchange for a new one.

To know the price it is possible to apply on the website and pay by card upon receipt. For example, when trading iPhone XS 64 GB with minimal scuffs on new iPhone 11 Pro 64GB need pay extra 57 990 rubles, while in normal shop apple trade in Moscow taking into account the highest possible score you need to pay 67 990 rubles.

Will give free brand case and ability to pay in interest-free installments for 6-12 months. Plus the program is that the exchange takes place the same day in a client-friendly location and you get a device with warranty from Apple. Accept all models of Apple, from the first SE to flagships like the iPhone 11. If you want to change to Samsung, this is also possible.

Where trade in Apple technology?

The program is available in 4 cities — Moscow, Kazan, Tula and Belgorod. In the process of opening 10 more outlets in the cities. The online application, you can leave now.

Exchange secondary version of b/a implies getting a iPhone in excellent or good condition with 3 months warranty from the service center. In the secondary iPhone market are in various States: sometimes the phone there are small scuff, and there are smartphones that lack marketability. Not to mention the residual capacity of the battery.

If you are looking for the apple trade-in Moscow or any other city, I suggest you look to exchange your faulty iPhone for a new one that turns out best.