I have always said that Apple is one of the few companies that are truly useful innovation. Instead to give its users a new and unsuitable for everyday use technology in Cupertino prefer to start to figure out whether they need it, and only after that to be engaged in its optimization. As a result, almost all of that took Apple came out better than the competition. Face detection, quick charge, which at any time you can switch to slow, AMOLED screen with a mechanism that prevents fading, night mode – this is only a small part of what the company brought to mind. But the race is not yet over.

OnePlus 8 Pro, which certainly is not a competitor to the current iPhonesuddenly became much more interesting than before. One of the modules of his camera were able to Shine through some objects right through as do x-rays. Is responsible for this so-called photochromic module. It has a resolution of 5 MP and is unable to perceive color, which the pictures on it turned out, first, not quality, as if they were made on the main module, and, secondly, looked as if they used the photo filter Sepia and forgot to transfer from the negative to the positive.

As OnePlus shines through objects

Apparently, OnePlus 8 Pro is able to Shine through, not all objects, but only those that are made from a not too thick plastic and will probably have inside empty space. In any case, it successfully scans the TV remote control, gamepads, television consoles and similar accessories, showing what’s inside them, though without much detail. But with smartphones, which today are made of metal, and have almost no free space inside, you can pull this trick proved impossible.

At this stage it is difficult to say why you might need this feature. It is, in fact, some of nazarethan that seems to Shine through some objects but not all and not completely. However, in my opinion, this is clearly better than 100-fold zoom, which today boast many manufacturers, but which gives such a terrific result that would be better if it did not exist. Well, if this technology became interested in Apple, I have no doubt that she would be able to figure out how and where to apply it, the more possible options really a lot.

Why do I need x-ray vision

  • In my opinion, colorescience vision of the smartphone could be used in conjunction with augmented reality. The camera would scan the inside of the object, and augmented reality would call them.
  • In addition, scanning could be applied for a more detailed placement of objects in augmented reality, which they are now using lidar. But if the lidar hits into the distance, the “x-ray” could be considered close.
  • There are more mundane applications. It seems to me, therefore it would be possible to scan the water pipe and clogging it is to clean it yourself or call a plumber.
  • Well, since photochromic scanner can Shine and even the skin of a person, I suppose, that Apple would think about how to use it for any kolomeisky stuff like measure the pressure of or blood oxygen.