Some owners AirPods sometimes you might notice that their headphones suddenly began to play softly. And the problem is not that the AirPods faulty — sometimes iOS itself limits the maximum volume level, and enough to know a few tricks that will help you fix the problem. Often the problem can even be low the battery of an iPhone. So if you suddenly notice a decrease in volume AirPods or AirPods Pro, the tips below will help you understand why — whether it is necessary to go to service center or enough something to “tweak” in the settings.

How to adjust the volume on AirPods

When your iPhone battery is close to zero, iOS may decide to reduce the maximum volume to extend battery life. It is a feature of power saving mode, but the function can only be activated when you have a really low battery.

If your iPhone battery is charged, and you activate the power saving mode from the control center, you probably won’t hear any difference. However, if you turn it on at low battery, it can affect the volume. Sometimes one earphone AirPods starts to play quieter than the other — and here’s how to fix it.

    1. Open “Settings”;
    2. Go to “Universal access”;
    3. Scroll to the menu “audio-visual item”;

If you have shifted the balance, adjust it

  1. Check the item “Balance”.

If the balance slider is not exactly in the middle, you will notice the difference in loudness. Adjust it.

How to increase the volume on AirPods

Often the owners AirPods are not even aware that their headphones limited volume. The fact that this item is in the settings of the iPhone, which is called “volume Limit”. I found that on my iPhone function was enabled,I do remember that it is not activated it. Check and you.

    1. Open “Settings”;
    2. Go to “Music”;
    3. Scroll to the menu “volume Limit”;
    4. Go to him, to make sure that the restriction is off.

Please note, in order to see this menu on or off, you need to definitely go in this section. And inside already adjust the slider to the desired position. So as you increase the volume on the AirPods, and to reduce it — for example, on the child’s device.

Depends on you, uses you this setting or not. But it is not for nothing provided — do not forget that high volume has a negative impact on hearing.

The iPhone has a built-in function hearing test, which will allow not only to conduct a competent prevention of damage to delicate organs, but also will allow to understand whether you have a progressive deviation.

How to solve the problem with the volume AirPods

Sometimes headphones can “hang” at a certain volume level, which is associated with a bug the firmware. You can try to fix the problem on their own.

    1. Put AirPods and start the music;
    2. Reduce the volume to zero;
    3. Go to “Settings” — “Bluetooth” and find the AirPods;
    4. Click on “i” and select “Disable”;

Reconnect the AirPods to solve

  1. Continue playing music on the speakers iPhone.
  2. Reconnect AirPods;

How to remove crackle from the AirPods

The AirPods owners often complain about the cod and some other thoughts in headphones. The fact that Bluetooth technology, like any radio signal, vulnerable to interference, such as static noise or crackles.

The problem can be solved in the following way:

  • Disconnect or turn off other unused Bluetooth devices around you.
  • Reboot your headphones.
  • Disconnect headphones seconds for 30 seconds, then reconnect them.
  • Reduce the distance between your smartphone and headphones, as this also helps to reduce (or even remove) any static interference.

If this method doesn’t help, see if your AirPods have a software update.

How to update the AirPods?

To install the new version of the software, you must:

  • Place the headphones in the charging case
  • To close and open the case
  • Next to headphones need to have the last paired device (iPhone or iPad). That all went well, you should make sure that the device has access to a stable Wi-Fi access point.

The whole upgrade process will take only a few minutes. To manually start this procedure, alas, can not.