Over many years of use iPhone (although someone enough one month) on the smartphone accumulates a lot of data — from music and apps to photos, videos, and screenshots. And even if you have enough memory on the phone, after exceeding the 50 GB will still need to buy more storage in iCloud to backup is not stayed (I do not want you to lose all your files?). Someone actually flips out and sets iPhone as new. However, there is another option that requires no cash investments and such drastic measures to clear the memory on the iPhone. This can be done in several ways.

What apps can I delete from iPhone

In case of lack of memory, Apple has provided a function for automatically deleting unused apps, which allows you to clear the memory of the iPhone. On my iPhone, for example, there are a lot of programs that I run every few months — why do they take up space on the phone if it’s easier for re-download if necessary?

To enable the automatic removal of apps on your iPhone, follow these steps:

    1. Go To Settings
    2. Scroll to the menu “iTunes Store and App Store”
    3. Open it and scroll down to menu “Unload unused”
  1. Turn on the switch near that item

When this feature is enabled, unused apps will be deleted automatically, but their data will be stored — just in case you suddenly come to restore them.

How to clear cache on iPhone

When you connect your iPhone to the computer or to the “iPhone Store” settings, you must have seen “Other”. There goes all that the system can not be attributed to the data: this iOS cache, application cache, the remaining data after an unsuccessful sync with iTunes or the Finder on PC or Mac respectively, temporary files, and so on.

The most effective way to clear the cache on iPhone — delete apps that take up the most space, and then set them again. To identify these applications in the menu “Settings” — “Basic” — “Storage, iPhone”. For example, on my iPhone Telegram with its own cache takes more than 11 GBthe app itself weighs about 80 MB. Since the correspondence is not stored on the device (except for secret chats), I can safely remove it from iPhone and put again from the App Store.

To reset the system cache on the iPhone even easier — you need to regularly restart the gadget. I have after the next reboot somehow freed almost 700 MB from the section “Other”.

Someone to solve the problem by resetting the iPhone to factory settings and restore from a backup, but I tried this method — free a maximum of 500 MB. I have tried a special utility like Phone Clean. With the help of this software is also able to release up to 300-400 MB of space on the device. More time spent. Much better just to reinstall the “greedy” app.

How to clear the Safari cache

If you don’t clean the place which is Safari, over time, the iPhone can grow to an impermissible size. However, it is easy to handle.

    1. Go To Settings
    2. Go to the menu “Safari”
    3. Click “Clear history and data”

After that, however, have a new way to log into all online services you use through the browser, but a Bunch of keys will help you with this.

How to delete screenshots on iPhone

Somehow I’m almost out of free space on the iPhone, got into “the Vault” — there it was shown that the most space is taken by photos. Have got to remove them and saw that a few years on my iPhone has a backlog of about 20 000 (!) screenshots! Did you know that some screen shots are “weigh” on 8-9 megabytes? Draw your own conclusions. If you also want to get rid of the unnecessary screen shots, you will find them under “screen Shots” in the Photos app.

I chose from all the screenshots and clicked “Delete all”. Clear screen shots it took the iPhone a few times hung, but ultimately there are a lot of free space.

How to lose photos from iPhone to computer

Actually the photos do often take up the most space on your iPhone. Can periodically reset them to the computer, and then delete from your phone, every time.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

    1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac computer;
    2. Click on iPhone “Trust this computer”;
    3. Launch “image Capture” on your Mac;
  1. Select photos and specify the folder where you want to save them on your computer;
  2. Click “Import”.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows

    1. Install the latest version of iTunes on the computer
    2. Connect your iPhone and tap “Trust this computer”
    3. the iPhone will be defined as a connected camera
  1. Select pictures and the folder to import, copy photos.