Despite all the news about what the iPhone 12 might be delayed due to the quarantine caused by a coronavirus, nothing can stop leaks related to the new iPhones. One of the recent insights have revealed how much it will cost iPhone 12, and also the price of other models of Apple’s smartphone, which the company presumably will present this fall. In addition, it became known what size screen will the new iPhone: we promise four versions of phones Apple this year.

In his Twitter insider John Prosser, who was one of those who accurately “predicted” the release date of iPhone SE 2020, revealed some details about the iPhone 12. According to him, the iPhone 12 will have a screen with a diagonal of 5.4 inches and will cost 649 dollars. This model has the code name D52G and is likely to be equipped with two cameras. iPhone 11 can now be bought for $ 699, so the new smartphone will be slightly cheaper.

Price iPhone 12

It is expected that another model of the iPhone 12 will be equipped with 6.1-inch screen, ability to connect to the 5G network and also two cameras. This model has the code name D53G and, according to sources, will cost 749 dollars. Slightly more expensive than the iPhone 11, though about the name personally I have big doubts. So Apple generally all confusing, if only one phone will be called just iPhone 12, and another 12 iPhone 5G. Whichever iPhone you choose — cheaper or more expensive? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

IPhone 12 Pro, most likely, will be equipped with 6.1-inch screen and three cameras and will cost $ 999 — as a younger version iPhone 11 Pro now. Finally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with a 6.7-inch OLED screen and three cameras. He will also be able to connect to 5G networks and probably will cost 1099 dollars. Exactly the same is iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It turns out, the pricing policy of Apple in this year almost unchanged, except that the company will release a slightly more budget version of the iPhone 12 (but not exactly). Well, that prices will not increase, which could happen due to multi-million damages to Apple caused by quarantine.

How does the iPhone 12

As for the appearance of iPhone 12, the latest leak confirms that the phone will have a look, close to the new iPad Pro. The smartphone will get chopped faces, but it may not be the back panel glass or Apple will return to metal as the iPhone 5 and 5s. Or rather, as in the iPhone 4s with a glass back panel.

Apple also decided to reduce the size of the recess in the display, which hides hardware recognition. Apparently, the company heard the claims all opponents of the “bangs”. Moreover, the new iPhones always come customers if they have distinctive features in comparison with the previous generation. For example, X iPhone bought more often than the iPhone 8, which is a little different from the iPhone 7.

By the way, in mid-April, the same insider John Prosser leaked alleged iPhone drawing 12. According to him, Apple has failed to make the sensors responsible for recognizing faces, more compact, therefore, in Cupertino decided to just make the earpiece a little higher. Instead of positioning it on par with the scanning elements, the designers placed it in the top frame, over hardware systems Face ID.

I have only one question — where did the Prosser suddenly had so much insider information, and even in a row? Or his dad works in the Apple, or he buys someone the data is unclear. However, until this year he didn’t have any drains and leaks. He recently said on Twitterthat the new AirPods that were supposed to show at the March event, ready to leave — and this can happen in may, along… with the new 13-inch MacBook Pro.