High prices for the products Apple in Russia are the result of two factors. First, the calculation is made based on the current exchange rate of the Euro, and, secondly, unlike the us, we have, as in Europe, the retail price is included VAT at 20%. So, if you just translate European prices in rubles, you get a roughly comparable amount. It is clear that many do not like this approach to pricing, especially on the background of American in rates that average a quarter lower than in Russia. But that doesn’t mean that ways to save money is not at all. It is always possible to wait for reduction of prices.

In Russia, gradually began to become cheaper iPhone SE 2020 (you can read our review). This is evidenced by data “Yandex.Market”. As of may 13, the gray retailers basic modification of the smartphone can be purchased from 38 700 rubles, the average – from 41 690 rubles, and top – 50 of 700 rubles. Yes, in direct comparison with official prices set by Apple and its partners, the difference doesn’t look that great, because the average discount ranged from 1.5 to 3 thousand rubles. However, it is easy to guess that this is just the beginning, and in the future prices will fall even more.

Why grey iPhone so cheap

Despite the fact that the borders between countries are closed, serology somehow manage to bring the smartphones and sell them cheaper than the official prices. The discount which they offer, stems from the policies of the European market, involving foreigners the opportunity to return the VAT when leaving the country. This pan-European practice, and which are grey retailers are returning the same 20%, and then setting a more affordable price of illegally imported equipment from us.

Now the retailers are in no hurry to walk with the trumps at this stage, and not in a hurry to reduce prices to the lowest possible level. Still, at the moment, consumers have no choice as to go abroad on their own they can’t. Therefore, those who do intend to buy an iPhone SE 2020, but wants to save money, still go to serovatam and buy the coveted device from them. After accumulate enough bonus points or pull the well-known manipulation with delay, which is possible only in the official retail probably will not all.

How much should it cost for iPhone SE 2020

However, the current situation is likely to be short-lived. Once countries open their borders, and airlines resume flights, the flow of gray electronics, imported into Russia will grow significantly. This invariably provokes the saturation of the market in short supply once technique, and sellers – which makes sense – will start to reduce their prices. The result is the same iPhone SE 2020 will drop from 38 thousand rubles to more acceptable to the majority of 30-32 thousand. It remains only to wait when the restrictions will be lifted.