Make movies on iPhone tried always. It seems the first attempt was made when the brand Apple is, in principle, received the support of video recording, because, if you remember, the first two generation of such a function is not possessed. It is obvious that the Directors who decided on such a step, drew not so much the quality of the recording, how much the expected excited response from the community. However, in most cases, all films shot on the iPhone, and remained a small-town story, not released anywhere outside Director gykovskogo cabal. But that was before. But now things have changed.

Oddly enough, but the reason for iPhone as a professional camera for shooting films, serials and television shows, was not a large-scale upgrade of its camera, and the banal (really, of course, banal, but banal in this key) coronavirus. Because now more and more companies, deprived of the possibility to conduct shooting in the Studio, forced to shoot his actors and TV presenters in the home. And as to bring to each one set of shooting equipment is physically impossible, many saw a way out of the situation it is in iPhone.

What the series is filmed on an iPhone

This may seem like populism, but today, more and more studios are shooting their show on the iPhone. Of course, they don’t just attach the smartphone to the selfie-stick and go on the record. On the technical side, shooting on the iPhone is a little different from shooting on a professional camera. Before you start to remove, the smartphone mounted on a tripod, set the lighting, and sometimes even use external lenses and special shooting tap or slide to simulate shooting on the move or from the top down.

  • The ABC television network right now is shooting a talent show American Idol on your iPhone;
  • At least one episode of the Comedy “Mystic quest”, which airs on Apple TV+, was filmed on the iPhone;
  • Reality show “keeping up with the Kardashians” filming on an iPhone using 20 smartphones per week;
  • Shooting several episodes of the Comedy series “Parks and” recreation right now being on the iPhone.

Most likely, it’s not all show, the shooting of which is underway on the iPhone, and actually there are many more. But, anyway, this is an indication that the iPhone is not just a smartphone, and the most that neither is a professional camera. She might not has great resolution and can not effectively zoom in without any loss of quality several times. But, if you sue, what makes a camera professional? Most likely, the fact that it is used by professionals. Don’t chose the same Directors as the primary imaging tool some Huawei P40 or Google Pixel. They bet on the iPhone.

Why iPhone is better suited for shooting

iPhone is really very good and self-sufficient when it comes to taking photos or recording video. First, thanks to modern codecs all that was removed with it has the minimum weight and the highest quality, which is very convenient. Second, the iPhone immediately shoots well and does not need a clock to adjust, like most modern camera phones. Well, and thirdly, iPhone is still the most popular camera for which there is a tremendous amount of accessories, from interchangeable lenses and lighting to shooting slides and external microphones.