Most of what Apple earns his living, is made in China. Apple are quite happy, because the attempts to change time and again over about the same. But it seems that between the US and China again “ran a black cat.” To full-scale trade war a case has not yet reached, but storm clouds are gathering. China’s leadership has called guilty in the spread of coronavirus outside of this country. Under the pressure of circumstances of force majeure, Apple tried to establish production of iPhone and accessories for it in factories in India, but in March of this year, he was forced to abandon these plans. But at the level of governments of India and the United States made a different decision.

Dream trump that of the iPhone entirely from the last screw before Assembly and packaging, made in USA, captivated the voters. That to achieve this, to put it mildly, uneasy, knew everything. Those who say he promised it, sin against the truth. That is an overwhelming dependence on China threaten US security, it is easy to guess. How and why this relationship has arisen — known. Attempts to get rid of her taken by the current administration, to any significant improvements have not resulted.

The Assembly of the iPhone and the production of at least a third of its components in the United States is a dream unfulfilled for a number of reasons. To arrange this if not in USA, but not in China, more real. So far, no real success in the second war for US independence is not achieved. And 2020 – elected, trump has a good chance for re-election and deliverance from addiction, a topic that in recent months, eclipsed by a coronavirus, is again on the agenda. Apple will have to return to the “Indian project.”

AirPods from Vietnam

China is quite happy with Apple as a partner to hundreds of thousands of professionals who are familiar with the extraordinary requirements of the company to product quality and able to fulfill them and complete mutual understanding with them — are worth a lot. But because of external reasons, the situation increasingly gets out of control. In 2019 the tariff war. In 2020 quarantine and paralysis of production chains. As soon as these adversities have been overcome in the relationship with China again there was tension, and the likelihood that this strain will become a new problem for everyone who either produces in China is very large. But even if this danger did not exist, diversification of production capacities – good.

Official statements about this were not, and even the relationship between recovering from a serious illness in China and the United States were in order, but in early March, in Vietnam, test production AirPods, was successful and began preparations for mass production of wireless headphones.

At 10% AirPods, released in the first quarter of this year, will be an inscription “Assembled in Vietnam”. It's three to four million pieces.

In order to make this possible, the leadership of Vietnam has allowed the engineers and technologists of Apple’s entry into the country, despite the quarantine, the exception. Intergovernmental agreement between Apple and Vietnam!

The cost of “Vietnamese” AirPods lower than the cost of “Chinese”. With discipline and organization for Vietnamese enterprises hardly better than in China. Amid falling demand for AirPods 2 lower cost and staffing as valuable as ever. While Vietnam produced only AirPods 2: their production will probably be fully transferred to Vietnam. AirPods Pro and expected in the near future a full-sized wireless headphones from Apple are made in China.

Foxconn Group and people's Committee of Hanoi have worked together on the opening of the Vietnam plant for the production of the iPhone to minimize the effects of Sino-us trade conflict.

Production of the iPhone in India

On the resumption of work on the organization of the production of iPhone in India 11 agreed the high-ranking officials of the US and India. The agreement was signed by the heads of these countries. The negotiations and signing was attended by representatives of Apple, no objection to what is happening. The Indian side expressed readiness to make the iPhone 40 billion dollars a year and promised to provide full support to the implementation of this plan.