At some time unknown, probably the five billionth, the U.S. patent and trademark announced about the Apple results of several dozen new patents. At this time 66, the invention described them very interesting, sometimes crazy, almost all of them will never be used in Apple products. That invented, tested and found unacceptable. The same negative result is also result. But “almost all” and “all” is not the same thing. In 66 new patents describes several inventions that either are feasible or even already implemented. About two of them worth telling in detail.

In the description of inventions protected by these patents, what is there: a sensor for fingerprinting (like Touch ID) in conditions of high humidity, the use of means of augmented reality in Apple Maps, the virtual display immersive for passengers of Autonomous vehicles. And this is one of the most adequate, from the point of view of an observer, and inventions. Them and that we will understand more, have one thing in common: patent applications for these inventions was not in the public domain. Up to the point until they were copyrighted by Apple.

However, because of the scandalous twist in a lawsuit against Apple Corellium, we will talk about that another time, there is reason to doubt the effectiveness of the protection of these rights. And patents issued to Apple on may 5 this year, was filed in the past epoch, before the coronavirus in the years 2017-2019.

How many speakers in the iPad

Described in the patent room 10,645,521 audio system for iPad Pro is the product of a creative rethinking of the currently used audio iPad Pro, which consists of four speakers. Based on reviews of numerous users iPad Pro 2018 and 2020, special objections against it or complaints about low quality sound – no. From powerful tablet, even very expensive, few expect transcendent quality of sound, but Apple came to the conclusion that users just don’t understand.

Speaker system, creating a sense of depth, consisting of eight speakers and managing their chip (single processor?), which would be located “generator decorrelation metrics” and “block decorrelation”, which is not enough iPad Pro. The application for this patent was sent to the American Bureau of patents and trademarks at the beginning of 2018, when it ended the development of 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro that year.

As you know, the iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 sound system easier. If she was deemed a failed branch of evolution or simply did not meet the marginal cost is unknown. May be, its implementation decided to wait until the rights to this system were not protected. Whether this will be a radio in the new iPad Pro is also still unknown. Would you such innovation in the new iPad? Write in our Telegram chat.

The New Mac Pro

In the room 10,645,832 patent issued to Apple on may 5 this year, describes the original design of the system unit “tower” of the type used in the Mac Pro in 2019. In this design from the classic “towers” were only external similarity and shared purpose. The title of the patent mentions “tubular architecture” and the case for the Mac Pro, but since the text of the patent application, the phrase “tubular frame” was mentioned 26 times, it is the main element of the design.

Hard tubular construction provides a solid frame that hosts the electronics of the computer, and internal peripherals, connectors and everything else. In addition to the frame, described in detail the construction of removable buildings – method for its reliable fixation on the frame and many other aspects of their interaction. Cooling system powerful airflow (Airflow System) is another important part of the patent.