iPad mini – very controversial tablet. From the very beginning called stillborn product that not just meets, but directly contrary to the precepts of Steve jobs. He always said that the perfect screen size for a tablet is 9.7 inch, and anything less is a substitute. However, after his resignation as Apple CEO took a risk and it paid off. 7.9-inch iPad have been very popular, marking a new milestone in the development of the company’s tablet. That’s just the success of this was almost fleeting because eventually the line began to fade, clearly requiring some rethinking. However, soon this is what it will happen.

In the second half of 2020 Apple will update the lineup of tablets and will release an iPad mini with a larger. About it in a memo for investors, said the analyst TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo. According to him, the screen compact tablet new generation will be from 8.5 to 9 inches, almost close to the original classic line diagonal of 9.7″. However, this does not mean that the tablet will be more. Most likely, Apple just cut the frame around the display, and may completely change the design of the iPad mini.

What will be iPad mini 2020

It is obvious that the reduction framework is the only way to increase the size of the display and to preserve the same form factor. In the end, users love the iPad mini for its compactness, while the screen is secondary. But since the side frame of the iPad mini is already almost minimal, then Apple will increase the display in breadth, and upwards. And for this, as regrettable as it may sound, the company will have to abandon the Home button with integrated Touch ID scanner for which a new concept is space.

If Apple does remove the Home button from the iPad mini, we will get a smaller version of the iPad Pro. Perhaps, Apple will simply take the original design professional of the line and just adapt it for compact tablets. However, in this case, the company will be the dilemma – which way biometrically identification to choose. After all, the Home button, most likely, will be gone. Hence, there are two options: Face ID that expensive, and the on-screen Touch ID, which is quite unusual for Apple, given that it is unlikely to be run in so momentous innovation on the iPad mini.

Face ID in iPad mini

I would bet on Face ID. Still, it is obvious that in three years the facial recognition technology from Apple is cheaper and is not as expensive as in 2017. So in the end, not everything is measured by profit. Did Apple new iPhone SE, providing it the most advanced hardware, but setting it on a price of just $ 399. Therefore, if in Cupertino will not dare to stuff the new iPad mini in full, and will bet in favor of one of the processors of previous generations, we may well be witnessing the emergence of a Face ID in the iPad mini 2020 while maintaining the same prices.