A key disadvantage of all MacBook Pro coming out after 2016, it was considered keyboard “butterfly”. Despite the fact that at the time Apple filed this design as a breakthrough technology that will change the perception of users about the convenience of printing, long enjoy was not necessary. Pretty soon it became clear that due to the small stroke of the keys the dust that got into the mechanism, let its mobility, and the keys either stuck or just failed. Apple took almost five years to understand that the project failed and abandon it, returning to the old system the mechanism of the “scissors”. But, apparently, “butterfly” is not buried.

Apple does not intend to permanently abandon the “butterfly”. This was reported by the insider Lovetodream, which correctly predicted the launch date of the new iPad Pro and iPhone SE and their key specifications. According to him, in Cupertino right now trying to finalize the design “butterfly” and to solve arising due to deficiencies, problems in health. Despite the fact that the information about the priority of the project and the timing of the resumption of its operation is missing, Lovetodream said that Apple is committed to bring the mechanism into operation.

MacBook Pro with “butterfly”

If the information Lovetodream is correct, then Apple is a fairly trivial task. Not only that, the company will have tothe mechanism so that, while maintaining minimum key travel, he was as reliable as “scissors, and to conduct a proper PR campaign, that the revival of “butterflies” looked exactly like a castle, not an integer. And, in my opinion, to explain the need to return the failed mechanism would be almost the easiest. After all, there only need that is not called “butterfly”, “butterfly”, and come up with some totally random name.

Another thing – the elimination of deficiencies. Obviously, it would be a real challenge for engineers, who for five years tried to make “butterfly” candy, but was unable to get any acceptable result. For all time of existence of “butterflies” Apple perfected it four times, adding a mechanism design one, then the other components. As a result, the keyboard provided a first silicone membranethat prevents the passage of dust to the moving parts, then it is not clear in the hope that it was replaced by nylon, but the miracle for obvious reasons didn’t happen.

Than the keyboard “butterfly” is better than “scissors”

But if everything is so bad, why Apple wants to return to failed technology back? Just “butterfly”, when viewed in isolation from practical disadvantages, is a pretty promising mechanism. The fact that he has a slight move, freeing up additional space inside the enclosure. Even those half a millimeter, which can be gain by replacing the “scissors” to “butterfly” will allow Apple to make serious upgrades to the hardware of the laptop – from the capacity of the battery prior to the installation of advanced cooling systems or acoustics. So I don’t see anything special in that Apple wants to close this Gestalt, which remains open.