Despite the fact that the regime of total isolation, current everywhere, much spoiled and the economies of the different countries, and plans of global corporations for further development, something positive, he still brought. Like it or not, but thanks to the forced confinement in the four walls many of us have done something completely for myself atypical. But if one is pushed to the banal cleaning the balcony off of junk and turning it into a no place for walking, the other led to a rethinking of the model itself, and its future existence.

Apple plans to hold an online broadcast of the WWDC 2020, which starts June 22, with the rear camera, learned to Bloomberg. The smartphone will be equipped with specialized equipment, but no changes in the design of the devices themselves will not be made. This is supposed to be a tripod with a slide, so you can do wiring, professional light and maybe the microphones-pelicci, which perfectly connects to my iPhone and provide high-quality sound, comparable with Studio microphones.

Movie on iPhone

In fact, the idea of turning the iPhone into a tool for doing video does not belong to Apple. The first to implement this method of shooting in isolation decided the ABC television network, who did not want to stop filming the show American Idol because of the forced quarantine. So the engineers of the Studio turned to Apple for help in the formation setup of the smartphone and associated equipment. In Cupertino have responded to the request and fulfilled everything that was required of them. It is true that the company was required, not specified.

We understand that people are in forced isolation and are not able to get out of the house, spend some of your time watching your favorite TV show. We are pleased to become a part of American Idol and help the authors in the organization of the shooting process. iPhone is a unique solution for the transmission of broadcast quality video that fits in your palm. It allows to produce television content without requiring the personal presence of the staff, regardless of the method of broadcasting, said Apple.

How are Apple and movie

ABC was not the only Studio that has relied on the iPhone for doing remote shooting their TV shows. Some time ago, the Peloton approached Apple for similar assistance, and CBS filmed an episode of its drama All Rise using FaceTime. The writing is so well written in the series a situation in which the characters are forced to communicate with each other via video link. Yeah, really didn’t have to take it FaceTime, but it’s one of those services that provide really good quality picture, do not pinch it as others do.

Of course, Apple is not necessary to use the iPhone for broadcast. However, given that advanced studios are turning to branded smartphone, trusting that he shot quite a TV episodes, in Cupertino do not have the right to check and have something to respond to that. To hold an online broadcast of the WWDC 2020 will be very symbolic, as this event is planned to present iOS 14, iPhone which has a direct relationship.