This week opened dozens of retail Apple Store in several countries, including the United States. In the four States. That has caused a hysterical reaction in the media, where the Apple solution and management of multiple major retail chains declared “a death sentence for America.” In a perfect world (in the “spherical vacuum”) it really would be absolute madness, this is a very risky move – but the world is far from ideal. For months, the confrontation of the pandemic acquired some experience, illusions and unjustified hopes dashed. To wait out this nightmare asylum will fail no economy in the world will not survive. It’s time to act – anyis simply worse.

Of the seven States that had planned to restart the Apple retail Store this may, after reviewing all the “pros” and “cons”, the local administration, including doctors and epidemiologists, and Apple decided to commit “suicide” (according to media) in four. Apple Store opens in Alaska, Idaho, South Carolina and Alabama. By the way, Tim cook hails from Alabama, where he has people close to him. In what other States have planned to start a guerrilla war against the pandemic, are kept secret.

May 4 in the United States returned to work on 28 Simply Mac stores owned Cool Holdings, the largest retail partner for Apple in 28 stores of this holding increased the duration of the work. Dismissed in March and April, the employees return to work. News from the pandemic front disturbing: the seasonal decline in the incidence of coronavirus hoped for doctors, won’t happen, the virus itself mutates while it is known only about one new strain. About it has gone very nasty rumours (though he is still more contagious than), but the research center in Los Alamos denied them.

Can you believe this denial? In our Telegram chat recently passed a serious discussion on this issue. In any case, the only hope for intellectual and economic power of civilization. Whether justified it – the same question, but without it we really don’t have the slightest chance.

The opening of the Apple Store in the US

In these four States, only 6 retail Apple Store. Of 271 in the United States. In all of these six will take all necessary precautions, opening a retail Apple Store in South Korea confirmed their effectiveness. All of the functions of these shops during the “plague” is in full force is only one. Apple repair technicians and maintenance (return and replace). Public events are canceled.

Schedule Apple Store

Compared to doverennye sometimes the duration will be reduced. While all of the opening 11 may 2020 stores only Apple Store in Boise, Idaho, is your schedule: from Monday 11 may to Saturday 16 it is open from 11:00 to 19:00. On Sunday, most likely, the store will not work. In the sales area will be limited at any one time there are visitors, admit only those who are masked and those who have no symptoms COVID-19 (fever, cough, etc.).

Disinfectants will be provided (free) for all visitors, the surface which was touched by visitors, it is obligatory that the staff will wipe down with a disinfectant solution. Five stores in Alaska, South Carolina and Alabama all will be about as well. And from the experience of more than three weeks on the job Apple Store in Seoul is already possible to draw encouraging conclusions: it is visited daily by thousands of people, but the epidemiological situation because of this not deteriorated.

In Australia and in Austria, where an Apple Store opened last week, still early about something to speak. But Apple bravely continues execution of the “insane plan”: in addition to six stores in the United States, the opening of which will be held today at 11 am local time, today, and tomorrow Apple opens up a few stores.

Apple Store in Europe

May 11, at 11 o’clock Central European time, Apple opened all 15 retail Apple Store in Germany. The shops will be reduced, basically they will do repairs and service of Apple products, trade halls will be open, but the mode is not the best for serious sales: a limit on the number of in store visitors, mandatory masks, visitors with a high temperature or other suspicious symptoms to the store will not allow. And yet – the visitors will be offered (free) to use disinfectants.

In addition, at 11 a.m. may 12, all four retail Apple Store in Switzerland (Zurich, Basel, Geneva, and Wallisellen) get back to work. Principles and rules for the operation of stores – exactly the same as the other Apple Store in these days. The same precautions: contactless temperature measurement at the entrance, a limited number of visitors room, regular disinfection of screens and keys, free disinfectants.