Apple Watch are probably the the medical product. They measure the heart rate, doing the ECG, counting calorie consumption and even – albeit in a laboratory — measured blood pressure. Initially, however, in Cupertino have not even planned to do health care. This decision came to the leadership of Apple Watch only after some time after the release of the device on sale, and suggested it, oddly enough, the users themselves. Just many as it often happens, began to use the functionality of smart watches does not directly, completely oblivious to the fact that they give the gadget a chance not just to stay on the market, but to dominate it.

According to Sumbul Desai, Vice President of worldwide health, the idea is to turn smart watches into the medical tool appeared at the turn of 2017-2018. At some point the company received letters from users who thanked the Apple Watch developers for creating the device that saved their lives. It all started with one woman who admitted that she was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, to which she pointed to the clock. Of course, the gadget does not put a diagnosis themselves, but simply reacted to the rise of the pulse, but it was enough so she went to the doctor, who had already been diagnosed with the disease and was scheduled for surgery.

Why Apple Watch heart rate monitor

We designed Apple Watch photoplethysmographic a heart rate monitor to improve accuracy in the calculation of the consumption of active calories as the information about heart rate allows you to produce the most accurate calculations. We never had the intention to directly measure the pulse. But the letters that we have received from users, have changed our attitude and made us understand, what responsibility we bear, really. After that, Apple Health team began to work on the alert function, irregular heart rhythm, said Desai.

What diseases can determine the Apple Watch

Apple engineers have equipped the Apple Watch a very promising heart rate sensor, which, as it turns out, can be used for a variety of purposes. The fact that he believes the pulse, and shines through the wrist and analyzes blood flow, which carries a very large array of data on the state of the user. Just at the moment we know of at least nine disorders, which can identify the Apple Watch:

New features of the Apple Watch

But that’s not all. It is known that Apple together with its partners from Stanford University is (or at least led) research to study the Apple Watch following diagnostic functions:

Especially interesting in this context, the mechanism determining the level of blood sugar. Many have probably already forgotten, but one time the Apple is very actively promoted this theme, and even Tim cook, which is usually avoided to reveal any details about the new developments, the company just said that the person testing the meter. However, at some point, the conversations about innovation ceased, and rumors of its launch mass has almost disappeared, pointing out that in Cupertino for some reason chose to freeze the project.