Traditional Apple day updates is Tuesday. On this day the company produces all the latest updates of their operating systems, even if they are in beta testing. Why it happened and whether some sort of hidden meaning is unknown, but for many years in Cupertino adhere to such a principle and not cheating on him almost never. Almost never – because from time to time Apple have to make adjustments to the established practice to release updates in one direction or another depending on their degree of readiness.

Today, 6 may, Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 13.5. Initially, it will be able to download the owners of all compatible devices with the accounts of developers, but after some time it will be available to program participants pre-testing. So if you are waiting for the opportunity to test updates before its release, you will need to register and a bit to prepare for the release of public iOS build 13.5. Given that Apple went to a weekly release cycle in the beta version, probably the public version will be released tomorrow.

How to install iOS beta 13.5

  • Go to the Apple website, on the programme of preliminary testing;
  • Please login with your Apple ID;
  • In the opened window select “Register your device”;

If you go with the iPhone, there will be an inscription “Load profile”

  • Scroll to the section “installing the profile” and download active beta profile;
  • Launch “Settings” — “Loaded profile”, and select the profile;
  • Go to “Update SOFTWARE”, then search for updates and install the current beta build.

If you fell out of the news agenda for the past week, let me remind you that iOS 13.5 is renamed iOS 13.4.5, whose Apple began testing in late March. However, on the third beta, Apple has decided to make a change in the numbering of the updates because it was decided to make a tracking system for patients with coronavirus iOS part 13.5. The practical meaning of this action was not, but the aesthetic was. Still so iconic innovations just can’t go in the walk-through updates.

What’s new in iOS 13.5

In addition to tracking contacts of patients with mers, which is designed to help combat the spread of the disease in iOS 13.5 will be a couple of useful innovations. Oddly enough, they are all a response to Apple on the current situation in the world of universal isolation and protection against coronavirus infection:

  • Face ID learned to recognize the mask and immediately displayed on the lock screen keyboard to enter password;
  • FaceTime has the opportunity to adjust the allocation of the speaker’s interlocutor in group chats, to make it easier to figure out where the sound is coming.