Unbelievable but true: Apple has announced the return of staff in the offices, including the campuses of the company in the County of Santa Clara, is known worldwide as Silicon Valley. The already mentioned time – may-July of this year. It’s not even a gamble, it’s suicide! Now the only effective means of protection against the plague of XXI century – isolation, quarantine and remote work, and at least in the coming months nothing will change. But Apple opens the Apple retail Store, including in the United States. Yet where the epidemiological situation is more favorable than in Silicon Valley, but Apple don’t even hide the fact that this is only the beginning. And here is the next, even more crazy step.

The administration’s decision to trump the gradual return of the economy to work mode now, when it’s bad and scary, has caused outrage. Experts began to argue that even if at the initial stage, at some time, will reach a positive effect, it quickly crossed the catastrophic consequences, primarily for the same economy. Need to hide and wait. Their opponents also logical and compelling. Tim cook met (remotely) with trump, they about something have agreed. At the time, as some companies have already announced their intention to extend the regime of remote and quarantine until the end of the year, Apple slowly and cautiously went the other way.

Work on the quarantine Apple

That the whole Apple, from Tim cook to the last janitor at a giant corporate Parking near Apple Park in Cupertino, sit at home – they know everything. At night in the Windows of the “alien spaceship” darkness. Emergency lighting in the Parking lots of rare cars. But it’s not the whole truth. All this time, hundreds (or thousands?) employees of the company, every day, as before, come to work. Those who coordinate the movement of components and finished products through the overlapped border (done exclusively legally, Apple is a suicidal law-abiding).

Work with data centers, online store, services, security, complex and expensive equipment to test products under development did not stop working even for a single day (I didn’t know about it), and they are not alone. Everyone was looking for udalenku, translated. All, without whom it was possible to do for some time, sent in paid “vacation” to torture entertainment — probably our Telegram chat read. Those without whom, as it turned out, you can do, most likely, fired.

Everyone who works in the offices of Apple in the territory of various countries in these dangerous times, there is an official permission issued by the local authorities. Obtaining these permits takes on Apple. Is not saved from the excesses of Apple employees in India, where the received pumping guide law enforcement officials began actively restoring order, but basically the only thing at risk are those without whom Apple would not be able to survive – their own health.

Testers and developers Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro would not get in to the test stands in short rushes under cover of night, risking to run into a patrol. No romance. That is the work of Apple quarantine and the transfer of most of the staff at udalenku no harm? Alas. Many projects have been suspended, some of them had to compromise, canceling of goals and objectives. Much of what has made Apple what it is considered, in remote mode it is impossible, and it’s not technical backwardness of the company in the communications technology (she’s not far behind), and in unique and unusual approaches to workflow. The damage from the current situation is still not critical, but close to it.

As Apple has suffered from coronavirus

The greatest damage from quarantine tolerate divisions engaged in development of hardware. Expensive and unique equipment that requires constant monitoring and maintenance, which employs large groups of people, may not be transferred for temporary use to employees working remotely. I use them together. In the first place in the offices of the company, including in Silicon Valley, will be returned to it professionals hardware. The more that 5-10% of them all this time, went to work and honestly do the trick – but miracles do not happen, the efficiency of labor in extreme conditions could not be reduced.

Ambitious plans of the company in danger. The return of employees to workplaces is to start in may. Precautions are draconian protective mask, regular disinfection and the like. Jobs will be allowed only after the temperature measurement (non-contact) and in the absence of suspicious symptoms. Safe distance during operation and in the cafeteria, except that about the gloves and about the fines somehow forgot.

The test of quarantine and remote work was tough going. Man is a social being, work on serious projects the collective creativity of teams, debates and discussions, and not everyone can fully realize themselves in the current environment. You would be stupid to dismiss all who are not willing to bravely endure the hardships and privations of remote operation – but, actually, employees have been carefully selected to overcome adversity, not related to their duties. These employees also will return to more suitable conditions for them. Gradually. Those who are successfully working on remote, and whose presence in the workplaces of urgent need there is to continue to work from home. Personal preferences will be taken into account. Not always.

The company serves a large and detailed plan for fighting the pandemic, working on it with the traditional Apple care and attention to detail as if it was another breakthrough and ambitious device, destined to conquer the world. And a chance not only to survive but to win, they have.