For anybody not a secret that Apple has ambitious plans related to virtual and augmented reality. Apple creates almost from scratch a platform for its future headset (helmet or maybe points?) with ARKit. Despite the quarantine and pandemic in Cupertino continue to work in this direction: today it became known that Apple is in the process of buying a California virtual reality company called NextVR. All of a sudden, this time declined to comment not in the Apple, and NextVR: the tech giant, on the contrary, confirmed their purchase.

NextVR, located near Apple in California, has ten years of experience in the development of virtual reality technology to sports and entertainment. With solutions NextVR now, for example, you can watch sports matches and other events, wearing a virtual reality helmet from PlayStation, Oculus, HTC, Microsoft and Lenovo.

Virtual reality helmet from Apple

However, it seems that this is not what the startup has attracted the attention of a Corporation like Apple. In addition to his achievements in virtual reality, NextVR also has a patented technology that extends the capabilities of the video streams. NextVR uses this technology to display quality images when viewing music events and sports events in virtual reality. Just NextVR has more than 40 patents related to this technology.

In addition, NextVR is partnering with the NBA, Fox Sports, Wimbledon and other major companies associated with the organization and presentation of musical and sporting events. Despite the fact that Apple confirmed the purchase of the company, the amount of the transaction remains unknown. Previously, 9to5Mac reported that the transaction amount is $ 100 million. Now NextVR is a stub with the phrase “NextVR is moving in a new direction”, so, apparently, Apple not only bought, but at the same time and closed it, moving fully under his wing. For some sports fans it will be a serious loss.

Apple has big plans on the topic of virtual and augmented reality. This year especially for this was created a subsidiary company, which is believed Apple uses to recruit most of the engineers developing the product.the deal has not closed, NextVR beginning to inform employees that they will need to move from San Diego, presumably to the area of Cupertino. In addition, this year Apple has bought Irish startup Voysis that specializiruetsya on the development of speech technologies. Someone connects with VR and the purchase of weather app Dark Sky, but I think it was done more for iOS than for virtual or augmented reality.

Where will WWDC 2020?

Recently in the Network has information that Apple may hold WWDC main event 2020, taking it on iPhone, but what if they were wrong, and we are talking about the iPad? No wonder, Apple specifically released a new generation iPad Pro with a LiDAR scanner for a couple of months before presentation. Imagine how it would be cool — event shoot on the iPad in the frame Tim cook (or someone else from Apple), and with the help of augmented reality, next to him appear graphs, photographs, videos with the new iOS and maybe a new device. Three-dimensional sensor, or, as it is called lidar, which Apple has equipped the iPad Pro 2020, was one of the most controversial innovations, but his work he is able to do.