It is considered that iOS is the safest platform. Apple has been repeatedly confirmed, both directly and indirectly. Moreover, the company carefully monitors the software, which gets into the App Store, and updates its devices for 5-6 years, often continuing to release patches with fixes critical vulnerabilities even after the cessation of software support. In General, claims to Apple on the part of the proposed companies protective measures for ordinary users can not be. But the experts in the field of security can. But does it make sense?

The company Zerodium that deals with the study of problems in the field of cyber security, has ceased to buy information on existing iOS vulnerabilities due to their abundance. The researchers explained that mobile operating system Apple contains so many loopholes in the security system that the number of enthusiasts who are looking for them, and then sell, recently increased very significantly. Therefore, in the coming months, buying vulnerabilities will not be carried out because the experts will study them to determine the value and to resell to its margin.

Vulnerabilities in iOS

Despite the fact that Zerodium conducts research, and lives the company is due to the fact that selling information on critical vulnerabilities in operating systems to those who need it. In the number of customers Zerodium includes governments, law enforcement agencies, private companies engaged in research in the field of cyber security, and all those who can pay for vulnerability. In the end, the main requirement for the buyer is to pay. And how will he use the received information to him.

Frankly, from a security point of view iOS is a terrible condition. Only Pointer Authentification Code (protective mechanism, which complicates finding vulnerabilities and exploiting them) and a special data structure saves the operating system from being able to slide down to the bottom. Despite this, we found a number of zero-day vulnerabilities that allow to compromise the security of any iPhone and iPad. I would like to believe that iOS 14 Apple finally correct the situation, said Choke Bekrar, CEO Zerodium.

Is it possible to jailbreak iOS

It turns out that the experts who understand the safety of operating systems, I think iOS is not secure enough. Most likely, it’s not just words, because vulnerability depends on the business Zerodium. However, I myself am a materialist to the core and prefer to not just believe in the word, but also verify the allegations. Of course, to shovel the code iOS is beyond me, but I can go to the other side. After all, if your system is really so many vulnerabilities, it would be logical for someone to use them. The same law enforcement or hackers.

While I personally didn’t notice. The FBI still can’t crack iPhone 7 terrorist from Pensacola, Congress requires Apple to provide data to iCloud, one of the senators, and jailbreakers still can’t do untethered. So do not you think that all these stories about the vulnerabilities and bugs that are critical in nature, a little bit untrue? Perhaps the only time someone really hacked, was the story of the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezosa. But then, in that case still need to understand, because it is not very clear, the blame for the hacking of Apple or WhatsApp.