AirPods Pro, which Apple released last fall, and instantly gained immense popularity. The demand was so stable that in Cupertino then a few months could not compensate for the resulting deficit. Impact of updated form factor and supports an active noise control that users have demanded since the release of the original model of headphones. But as it turned out pretty soon, after a purchase is faced with the problem of squeaks and outage threshold. Therefore, Apple offered a few tips to remedy these shortcomings at home.

Looking ahead, I note that the advice given to Apple, may seem rather primitive. However, to neglect them is strongly discouraged. After all, in the end, sometimes the most effective way may be the most banal and even stupid.

AirPods Crack Pro. What to do

  • Make sure your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac to which you connect AirPods Pro, running the latest available version of the operating system;
  • Make sure your AirPods Pro, running the latest available firmware version, which is also updated from time to time and corrects existing bugs and flaws;
  • Make sure the head unit is connected to AirPods Pro, is close to the earphone, and between them there are no obstacles that might obstruct the Bluetooth signal;
  • Try to listen with headphones the sound is from another music application, not the one you use normally, because the cause of cracking can be interruptions in the application;
  • Try cleaning the outer mesh headphones (not under the ear pads), as it may be clogged with remnants of earwax, dust or debris that can adversely affect the sound quality or the work threshold.

To contact the technical support Apple should only be the case if you have already done all the manipulations described above. Moreover, a firmware update often really can solve most of the problems. Experience shows that they, first, have a positive impact on the quality of sound that is cleaner and deeper, and, second, eliminate small glitches and shortcomings, manifesting itself while listening. Otherwise, you will do it by service center employees.

How to pass the AirPods in repair

  • To apply for the repair or replacement of AirPods Pro (what outcome is waiting for you, only solution the service center), go to the appropriate section of Apple’s website;
  • Click “Submit service request” and in the opened window, select “sound Quality”;
  • Choose the method of contacting customer support: live chat or by phone (if by phone please leave your number and will call you back);
  • Make an appointment at an authorized Apple service center in your city, if it works, and bring AirPods Pro there.