This widescreen monitor went on sale in November 2018, and no longer a novelty, but whether it will pull a 15-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro in General, and what this “pull” will cost — is still unknown. Like how easy it is to get people from very different worlds to work together. Apple and Dell have approaches to many issues are fundamentally different, and UltraSharp 49 no one has adapted to the Apple ecosystem. But different worlds came together surprisingly easily. 16-inch MacBook Pro UltraSharp 49 pulls (heated and humming fans – but the bounds of decency), connects to the Mac easily, no more difficult than monitors in a standard format.

Features Dell UltraSharp 49

Dell UltraSharp 49 huge, it takes up (in width) the entire surface of a typical desktop. The resolution of its screen vertically is the same as in 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display, sunk into oblivion in the last geological epoch – 1 440 pixels. Funny: horizontal (5 120 pixels) resolution it is the same as two Apple Thunderbolt Display set side by side. The huge widescreen display with curved screen obetrim and comfortable, it features a modern, but he’s missing is a workhorse suitable for many applications. For what I do – almost perfect.

Deficiencies he, in my opinion, enough, but as they are a natural extension of the strengths of this device can be put up. Monitor take up much space (without rack, its size is 119.4 x 10.2 x 35.6 cm), weighs 11,4 kg, built-in USB hub only works with USB 3.0. Only 3 Thunderbolt/USB-C port is used to connect the display to the computer. The display can be connected to two computers via the HDMI port or DisplayPort, and using a KVM switch toturn on one or the other. Different world, different needs.

Why you need a monitor for a MacBook?

Need. Approximately for the same, which many connect two or more conventional displays to a computer: to be able to simultaneously work with multiple documents or applications without toggling. To see all you need is a few source files, simulator iOS/iPadOS and one or several particularly interesting at the moment, pages of technical specifications or handbooks for example. Or text articles and sources of information. Dell UltraSharp 49 in this is not inferior to two traditional displays on the desktop, it takes up significantly less space.

Categorically it is not suitable for serial killers, especially demanding games. Those who have higher requirements on color and the geometry of the images, it may be appropriate. Video editing, directing, sound, animation – if the computing device can handle it, Dell UltraSharp 49, most likely, the weak link will not. I love the fit.

1 – connector for connection to the mains, 2 – slot for security lock, 3 – HDMI port 4 – port DisplayPort, 5 – USB-C port, Thunderbolt support 3, 6 upstream port USB-A and 7 downstream USB ports-A, 8 – a downstream ports USB-A

In the war of the specs of the Dell UltraSharp 49 would have lost even LG UltraFine on the most important points – not to mention the Apple Pro Display XDR.

But in some ways he’s the Champ. 49 inches diagonally. A resolution of 5120 by 1440 pixels (109 pixels per inch). Color 10-bit response time – 8 milliseconds in normal mode, 5 milliseconds in the “fast”. Conventional WLED, brightness up to 350 CD/m, contrast 1000:1, refresh rate 60 Hz, anti-glare and protective coating.

The thick frame around the screen – the bottom is almost 2 cm on the sides and the top is about 1 cm It is a working tool, with the framework more reliable. Side effect purpose: no speakers, no microphones and no display. In the Russian Federation, display for sale, is in different trading networks from 101 to 125 thousand. Where did this price range – don’t know, maybe just the price I didn’t update. In the online store Dell UltraSharp 49 price (without taxes and fees) currently, 1 $ 499 – but most of all, it’s only a discount for a limited time. In 2018, the UltraSharp worth 1 799 a month ago – 1 $ 699.

Mac which supports Dell UltraSharp 49

Theoretically, Dell UltraSharp 49 should work with 15 – and 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019 16-inch it certainly works, with a little overheating and the roar of the fans, without prejudice to the laptop. The 15-inch MacBook Pro last year, where cooling is much weaker to connect UltraSharp 49 it is possible – for example, to meticulously demonstrate to the buyer that everything works.

But with a Mac Pro in 2019, even around the clock for months – UltraSharp will be able to work. Even two or three such display. They can be hung on the wall, one above the other, with a set of VESA.