Historically, what iOS is experiencing all sorts of difficulties after the update. Different kind of bugs literally flock to her like flies to honey, or what they usually prefer. With other operating systems Apple is either not happening at all or happening, but much less frequently. Take, for macOS. Desktop OSes though, and facing from time to time with various problems, usually shows itself as a fairly stable platform, where the users also sometimes suffer from problems.

After upgrading to macOS 10.15.4 some users have complained about spontaneous system crashes, which can occur regardless of the type and model of Mac computer. Moreover, as shown by the analysis of the problem, it can manifest differently depending on factors not identified. And that is the reason for the failure for all users is the same, indicates the suddenness of the reboot, provoked a kernel panic.

Why Mac restarts for no reason

Often failure causes processing of large files. According to those who are faced with the problem that there was a departure of the system need to be copied transferred or passed to, the file weighed in at around 30 GB. A little less restarts happen when the computer wakes from sleep mode. In any case, users who discovered this glitch, note that a kernel panic caused by the revival of the Mac without additional handling and stress.

Have no idea what’s going on. After I updated my MacBook Pro 16” to macOS 10.15.4, I ran into random restarts of the system caused by a kernel panic. Noticed that this happens when I work with heavy files. But MacBook Pro 16” and is designed for these purposes, isn’t it? If you have the same problem and you found how to fix it, email me because I actually lost his working tool. Apple, the same goes for you, wrote one user.

Mac crashes. What to do

In the opinion of the users of the forum SoftRAID, the reason of failure lies in the disruption of the mode of multithreading, when the computer is forced to process large amounts of data. For this reason, most often, the reboot happens during the handling of heavy files, which, in simple terms, knock the system off, and make her lose this load. However, it can be quite dangerous. Anyway, VentureBeat journalist Jeremy Horwitz believes that the frequent crashes can cause disk corruption and lead to data loss.