If you like to take pictures on a smartphone you probably wonder how the camera of the new iPhone SE the second generation is inferior or not inferior to the cameras of other smartphones. Such interest is amply justified. First and foremost, due to the fact that the new product is two times cheaper. Before we answer the question what is best to buy from the point of view of the camera — iPhone SE second-generation or iPhone 11 Pro. The answer is inside this article. Now to answer the question of whether to change iPhone X, which has many new iPhone SE. I’m sure the answer is a lot like. But still there are those who will be disappointed. In General, the truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle and everyone is going to own.

Camera iPhone X

Remember when the iPhone X just appeared, as I could not get enough on his camera. Accidentally having to buy it in London when they were in big trouble, I walked with him, took pictures and could not get enough of life. Everything was just great on the background of the iPhone 6S, which I had before. Thus then he was not old. It was released only two years before “ten”.

Despite this, the difference in the quality of the photos was huge. Even relative to last year’s iPhone 7, he was shooting much better. It turns out the camera in the same generation has made a significant step forward. This was largely possible due to the fact that they began to bulge and, as a consequence, got better optics and the new sensor. But an important role was played by the CPU, because it processes the images, and if it will be bad or will be bad configured, the camera simply wouldn’t be able to handle the set data received from the sensor.

Disappointment I was only one — because of the optical stabilization system. Sometimes she would just make them worse, and the video is a little shaking got unreal jelly, which, of course, there was no way to get rid of.

Otherwise had no complaints and the camera is not just a good shot then, and continues to do so until now. Before I got the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone camera X pleased me great shots. Now I brushed the dust off it and is willing to share the comparison results with iPhone SE the second generation.

Camera iPhone SE 2 and iPhone X

The first thing I noticed is a small delay in the camera focusing iPhone X. It is so small that even with a coherent comparison it would be difficult to catch. But it is there and not to tell about it I can’t. The difference in the speed of automatic adjustment of white balance and exposure was observed when compared with iPhone 11 Pro, is absent here. Both cameras tuned similarly.

Another of the differences is the fact that the iPhone camera 11 produces slightly darker, but slightly more contrasting pictures. The lack of contrast is so insignificant that they can either be ignored, or easily pull in the settings even on the phone.

Here are examples of what was filmed on the cameras of these phones. On the website the photos are a little lower quality than it really is. So download the originals, you can at this link.

All the above pictures were taken with good street lighting. In room light in the evening time camera also works without significant differences. The only comment that I have to the iPhone camera X in this comparison, for slightly more dusty pictures in low light. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the iPhone X for two and a half years and the camera during this time rather wore out (was able to jam the lens or wear out the mechanism of AF).

In any case, the difference again is not critical. It is only if the fault. You can see it yourself at the examples below.

Than the iPhone SE 2020 camera better camera iPhone X

As you can see, the quality of the camera again is almost the same. This once again suggests that the cameras of today’s smartphones are very similar. In the end, even the iPhone camera SE second-generation iPhone and X differ less than it might seem initially.