Apple is silent about a 23-inch iMac. The soothsayers, whose predictions usually come true – too silent. This time the source of information that shocked the world (Mac ovsky part of it) came from the newspaper China Times. Literally reported that Apple will release at the end of this year, cheap iPad Air, and iMac c 23-inch display. Since the advent of the new iMac overgrown by details. Our eyes create the perfect image of the “cheap” iMac. Like the MacBook Pro, the 16-inch version with a thinner frame around the screen and a “normal” keyboard is suspiciously similar to a popular image, created by reviewers and readers of various media.

The source was succinct: the new iPad Air and iMac cheap, in size about the same as the current 10.5-inch iPad Air and the 21.5-inch iMac. To 21.5-inch iMac for those who are not indifferent to this variety of Apple computers, a lot of claims. On a completely new iMac for several years now and with superhuman the “fruit” of care worked several commands to Apple, they had laboratories, test stands, pilot production miniLED-displays and everything you need. Because the fashion industry everything has changed: quarantine, isolation, closure of offices and production sites.

To recreate the infrastructure and guarantee a quality product on remote – impossible. On the other hand, sales of the iMac, if nothing is done, can fall. They have too many problems that have gone unsolved for years – this year it may not be Apple to go with it.

New iMac 2020

If the Taiwanese newspaper China Times did not come up with a 23-inch iMac , which by the way is not excluded in its wording hundreds of iMac, all very seriously. The emergence of information about new Mac on its pages means that they are already doing in Taiwan. That it is prepared for production. All the shortcomings of the 21.5-inch iMac 2019 (4K), which can be remedied quickly and painlessly, will be corrected. He will do cosmetic surgery to reduce the frame around the screen. It’s more complicated than it seems to the laymen: you’ll have to integrate a larger display into the design of the computer.

Judging by the increased size of the diagonal and the same (or approximately same) size of the new iMac, it is already done. The working screen space will increase significantly (from the side), but not too much (basically).

The second problem, which is easy to repair – equip all configurations of the new SSD exclusively. Hard drives in 2020 – an atavism.

You can save the ability to install a hard drive on client’s request. To simplify the access to the RAM and to the storage devices. The wow effect would be less than the larger screen, but most likely this will not be done. Housing 21.5-inch iMac is calculated with the “fruit” of care, the extra hole is not provided.

Characteristics of the new 23-inch iMac

One of the first places in the fantasies of outsiders – a radical change in design. New design in the style of the Apple Pro Display XDR, with almost the same stand as he, angle adjustment and rotatable to change the orientation. Almost or just miniLED miniLED (though, the factories in Wuxi to manufacture miniLED display with a diagonal of 23 inches was not prepared, but all of a sudden?), case iMac with a cover on the latch.

The entire periphery, which it is desirable to provide the user with an open lid needs to be at a glance. Support Face ID, which will need very high quality camera on the front side of the iMac. Without switching the processors of Apple production to build Face ID in Mac is almost impossible. The transition to your own chips is not far off, to waste time and energy on the development of Face ID for the almost alien architecture makes no sense.

But this will happen not earlier than in 2021, this is a very good reason – so even in dreams “without brakes” we will have Face ID to unsubscribe. By the way, how to combine rotating display rack with Luggage on it: where to place it?