A decade of experience in the mobile industry shows that the iPad is truly a universal solution for all occasions. First of all it is an excellent aid in learning, which allows you to keep lecture notes in Notability or OneNote, create and deliver presentations in Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint, to gain some part of the course and the thesis in Pages or Microsoft Word, to plot data to Numbers or Excel. It is definitely an excellent eReader. And not only.

Our site was recently a whole article devoted to how today comfortable to read books on the Apple tablet. Of course, iPad is and excellent screen on which to watch movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store, Apple TV+ or, say, Netflix, as well as videos from different YouTube channels. Using Apple Pencil on the iPad you can draw, build drawings, create complex architectural solutions. And on this wonderful gadget, you can play awesome mobile games. But sometimes on the iPad you have to perform various calculations, and it can be as simple arithmetic operations and quite complex equations using trigonometric functions, derivatives and integral calculus.

Why the iPad is no built-in calculator

It so happened historically that the first iPad has preloaded some built-in apps that were iPhone. This list included Weather, Stocks, Health, Wallet, Recorder, Compass, tape measure and, oddly enough, Calculator. Former Apple employee eventually told the world the story of how Steve jobs brought the prototype of the first iPad, which was set calculator. But the application for payments was not satisfied with the CEO and company founder.

Time to remake some disliked the application programmers and designers are likely already gone, so the first Apple tablet is no app for calculations. And in all the other generations of the tablet it never showed up.

Few years Apple has ported the iPad’s Action and voice Recorder, and Weather implemented via widget notification Center, as well as through Siri. It is possible that in one of the following iterations iPadOS we can see the Calculator, but while he had to settle for third-party solutions in the vast AppStore.

Calculator for iPad — which one to choose?

All, of course, different tastes and different requirements to the appearance and functionality of the application. For me, the app for payments on the iPad must meet the following requirements:

  • work in portrait and landscape mode;
  • full multitasking support in the iPadOS, that is the job of the calculator with a different app Slide Over and SplitView, preferably with support for copying the results of a calculation by dragging and dropping from window to window;
  • preferably large virtual numeric keys, like an accounting calculator in portrait mode for easy contact by the thumb and a large digital display;
  • the presence of a history of calculations which you can copy the intermediate stages of calculations;
  • the ability to copy and paste into other applications of the calculation results;
  • the presence of parentheses, percent sign ± and memory in standard mode of the calculator to correct arithmetic calculations;
  • advertising in the free version should not be Intrusive and to occupy a large place on the screen;
  • the full version of the app may not be for subscription and have to cost adequate money.

In the search query App Store, I typed “calculator” and were selected from 40 applications had fallen to my request nine most relevant to my requirements.


This app contains no annoying ads. Switching between the standard and scientific calculators is swipe up or down. In the horizontal orientation is available a log of calculations, from which you can copy the results. It is possible to use only the free version, if you do not need more themes and note taking. Works perfectly to display two applications on the iPad screen.


The app has large key calculator. The ads unobtrusive. Is enough free version. There is a currency Converter and supports calculations with fractions for those who need it. To enter fractions really comes in handy. You can copy and paste the results of calculations. Implemented full-time job with another app on the same iPad screen. Also copy calculation results to other applications by dragging drag-and-drop. In the standard calculator available brackets, squaring and extracting square root.


This calculator has long been my favorite and the only calculation app on the iPad, as it is very beautiful theme and in portrait mode the calculator has large, comfortable virtual numeric keys, just like in normal accounting calculator. In landscape orientation, the calculator is transformed from standard to scientific. In addition to the calculator accessible and convenient Converter.

But you need to know that for buying the full version without ads will have to pay 1290 R., which is clearly expensive for a simple, yet very nice calculator. Copy and paste the results of calculations, work with log calculations. Fully completed application multi-tasking on the iPad.

Calculator Pro+

Used me on a regular basis for simple calculations, as it has a large comfortable virtual numeric keys, just like an accounting calculator. In landscape mode the scientific calculator. There is a currency Converter. Calculation history can be edited for each calculation you can add a comment. Works great to Slide Over and SplitView.

App I liked, and I bought the version without ads for R. 229,advertising is not very Intrusive and is placed in the lower horizontal block without occupying a large area of the screen.


Has a convenient interface standard calculator in portrait mode and scientific landscape mode. Virtual number keys are large in size, it is easy to get a finger. Keyboard unit with the functions of a scientific calculator opens with a swipe to the right in both portrait and landscape mode. Available history of computing, copy/paste the results of the calculations and the expressions themselves. Fully implemented multitasking on iPadOS. Version without ads will cost 229 R.


Excellent calculator with interface full screen large virtual numeric keypad, operating in standard mode, engineering, computing fractions, unit Converter and currency Converter. In the history of computing available to record comments next to each expression. Implemented full support for multitasking in iPadOS.

Fraction Calculator Plus

This is really a wonderful calculator for arithmetic operations with fractions. Allows you to track the results of calculations in a draft. Will help students in solving relevant problems in mathematics. Fully works with another app on the same screen multi-tasking iPadOS.


In portrait orientation — a standard calculator. In landscape research. Full multitasking support iPadOS. There is a history of computing. You can copy and paste the results of calculations. But there is no brackets in portrait orientation. But there is a convenient button output in portrait orientation additional block of keys of a scientific calculator. A lot of themes. Unlock version without ads will cost 229 R.
Install CalcMe


The default in both orientations standard calculator. You can access additional buttons with functions. A good implementation of the history of computing. You can copy and paste the results of calculations. Implemented multitasking iPadOS. To remove forever the is possible for 459 R.

How to use the calculator Siri

Finally, I can not remember about Siri. She is also able to do some calculations. Just hold down the Home button on the iPad Air 2 and earlier versions, or say “Hey Siri” on more recent versions of the tablet and ask the voice assistant to calculate some expression. Usually she copes without problems.