When AirPods just came out, they made a real revolution among “these wireless headphones” (true wireless stereo or TWS, as they are called). That is headphones that don’t need wires to communicate among themselves. Some time later, Chinese scientists have published dozens (maybe hundreds) of “killers” AirPods, many of which we are listened to and can say that all this sad misunderstanding. A couple of years it took to major manufacturers of audio equipment to develop your ownto the AirPods, and it is here that the fun began. From Bose and B&O to HARMAN. Last year showed something really cool under the JBL brand, and these headphones something even better from Apple AirPods.

Even at CES 2020 in January showed two new representatives of the line headphones brand JBL — JBL Live 300TWS and Tune 220TWS. The first model received protection from water standard IPX5, to accompany its owner in the rain, 6 hours of battery life and 14 hours due to the charging case. More of them need to compare with AirPods Pro: they are small and in-ear.

New replacement AirPods

A more affordable model is 220TWS Tune, but not without proprietary technology JBL Pure Bass bass for saturation. This headphone is more appropriate to compare still with the classic AirPods, not AirPods Pro. After all, they, first, are the ear, and, secondly, you do not have an active threshold.

JBL Tune 220TWS is largely similar to the AirPodsfrom the shape and placement in the charging case to landing in my ears. However, there are also important differences. If AirPods more positioned as a headset, and then headset (let’s be honest, the sound quality of conventional AirPods “C grade”), then the JBL is focused primarily on high-quality playback. And these are not empty words, how many of us on the review of the headphones of this brand, never disappointed. And about wireless speakers JBL and I won’t remind, they are the best in its price category.

JBL Tune 220TWS equipped with a 12.5-mm membrane and support the technology JBL Pure Bass. This technology allows you to accurately reproduce any audio. When I first picked up these headphones, I thought to myself: how is JBL headphones without the ear cushions? Then read customer reviews online, and they have already accumulated is not enough, and most users, as it turned out, happy with the sound quality of these headphones. Not to be unfounded, I will give full specifications.

Features of the JBL Tune 220TWS

  • Transducers: Dynamic, 12.5 mm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz — 20 kHz
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Battery (1 headset): 22 mA/h
  • Working time per charge: ~ 3 hours / up to 19 hours with the case
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • Weight: ~ 56 g

Externally headphones little remarkable, but the charging case deserves special attention. He seemed to be made in the form of a backpack in dark blue color, which was at us in edition (or rather my house on remote), it seems that you can take headphones and go Hiking. Gladly, if I could.

In General, the JBL Tune 220TWS many different interesting colours - there are white, blue and even pink headphones, while the AirPods only the white version.

Features and management of JBL Tune 220TWS

The case is matte, made of soft-touch plastic, pleasant to the touch, slightly convex in front and almost straight behind. I love the frosted technique because she is not actively collects fingerprints, and these headphones are no exception. Open case easily, just lightly push the cover, and she will reach extreme position. Or you can even build a case for closing or opening the lid, if you want to do it effectively.

Buttons here, under the hood is placed a charge indicator, bottom — micro-USB connector. Why not USB-C? Many have this question, but considering the price 6 000 (Yes, ahead), I is not particularly surprising. The more of these cables personally, I stray a lot, can charge any.c orange brand from JBL, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

The and music control functions of the headset entirely with physical buttons, one on each earpiece. No touch panels, taps, gestures, and other things. To connect headphones to an iPhone or another device, you first need to insert them in case (in case they are separate), and then retrieved, inserted into the ears and to hear the familiar to all users of JBL sounds on and pairing.

To turn the headphones — click on any of the buttons for two seconds. Go into pairing mode? 5 seconds hold the button on the right earpiece. Off? 5 seconds on any. The left ear is responsible for switching tracks back and forth (one or two clicks respectively) and the right acts as play/pause and lets you answer a call or end it.

The headphone can be used separately, but only the right because it is “home” and the connection between them consistent.

Compare JBL sound Tune 220TWS and AirPods

To be honest, there is nothing to compare, JBL Tune 220TWS earn every genre, and it’s the same sound that we love JBL. AirPods here and some were not, and even though there is no support for the aptX codec. Bass headphones pronounced (Hey, JBL PURE BASS SOUND), but no rumble “in the skull”, the vocals in his place, as the lower with the upper frequencies. Headphones keep connection, do not miss out external noise and in General will delight music lovers, especially fans of electronic music and hip-hop. Due to the fact that the ear, soundproofing not the best, as other headphones of this type, if you want to isolate yourself from external noise, there is need to take something like the JBL Live 300TWS. That is, with similar parameters headphones JBL beat AirPods with one hand. More precisely, the right.

There are certainly disadvantages, where do without them. Headphones are not contacted as quickly as AirPods, but without a chip W1 this cannot be achieved. And the music doesn’t stop as soon as get one of the headphone. On the autonomy of the JBL Tune 220TWS slightly inferior to AirPods, since the ability to work from a single charge of 3 hours. However, thanks to the charging case operating time headphones is increased to 19 hours. Have AirPods in turn, this index is equal to 5 and 24 hours, respectively. Yes, the gap is quite noticeable, but practice shows that hardly anyone listens to headphones continuously for more than 3 consecutive hours. Management, in my opinion, the buttons, I always miss these swipe, but is a matter of taste.

For all other criteria, including the ease of wear (ears do not fall out, on the balcony you can run), the JBL Tune 220TWS I liked more. Especially considering the prices in 6 000 roubles — for such headphones is a very good offer. Therefore, they are now sold very well, and it is ensured not only by the quality of sound and connection, but also unique design. If you already bought these headphones, please share your impressions in our Telegram chat and in comments, and if not — will leave the link below.