Lately everyone is talking about the blockchain-platform Telegram — TON (Telegram Open Network) and bitcoin Gram, which still can not start due to legal restrictions. The next launch was scheduled for April 30, however, the court in new York recognized Gram securities and have temporarily prohibited the transfer of token-buyers. The situation again became uncertain, and the Telegram study all the solutions to the problem. One of them is the operating system OS TON, which (in theory) you can install even on your iPhone.

What is TON OS

It is not an operating system, which we took to consider it, that is not a competitor to iOS or Android. TON OS — add-on for smartphones, tablets and computers that will help the devices to support applications on the blockchain. Within TON OS you can create applications and make them compatible with the blockchain platform. Among such programmes can be protected sites, financial applications and many others.

How will this be implemented for iPhone? According to a source close to the Telegram, soon in the App Store appear app OS TON, which will allow iPhone and iPad users to access the new operating system. Yes, Android is also released. However, if Google Play is still able to “ride”, the team of moderators App Store is unlikely to miss an app with such functionality. One of the store policy expressly prohibits the application, which is a third-party operating systems. So how are they going to run, is unclear.

The point is that people have started to use the blockchain not only for cryptocurrency and financial Affairs, but some daily tasks. Designed for the OS apps and sites (TON Sites) will not be available from the “normal” Internet, they will only work on the operating system TON. So, they are almost impossible to block. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency and understand how it all works, follow our colleagues

What is a TON?

This blockchain platform from the creators of the app Telegram. TON is financed by investors through the sale of tokens — the moment when the acceptance of applications was over, the team has raised over $ 1.7 billion. First and foremost, the creators made the platform for the cryptocurrency wallet Gram Wallet — all transactions made with it, will pass through the TON.

While the platform does not work for everyone, aware of it not so much. All due to the fact that the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA has imposed a ban on the release of cryptocurrency Gram — they believe that the structure of the Telegram was to register the sale Gram as a securities transaction. Telegram is trying to appeal the decision in court, but is not very good. The company may carry out placement and in other markets outside the United States.

From the time the first Telegram announced the launch of TON, appeared a lot of wishing to buy tokens this platform and become investors. Because of this, the Network intensified a lot of scams and even fake exchanges which offered to buy tokens TON. Many people were deceived, because in exchange for their rubles, dollars, Euro and other currency they in the end got nothing. Of course, no tokens from these scams were not, and attackers simply disappeared with the money. Apparently, due to the fact that the launch is delayed again TON, a wave of fraud will go again. Be careful.

Perhaps TON never starts up again, Pavel Durov already offers anyone who invested in the platform, to return 72% of the money or to wait until next year — promising a profit of 10%. It is not excluded that such a statement will cause the strong outflow of investors, and TON is not enough money for a full launch.

Where to download Gram Wallet

Since TON is not working, cryptocurrency Gram is also available. However, Telegram has launched a TEST application mode Gram Wallet, which you can download at this link and understand what actually it is.

What is TON Services

One of the additional services TON, TON Services platform, will allow you to create and download applications based on the blockchain. To encourage developers to make apps in TON Services, the development will give cryptocurrency TON — Gram. Including the creation of a TON of Sites — protected sites that will be accessible only from within the ecosystem TON.

Why you need a TON OS?

According to rumors, the command Telegram has no direct relationship to the creation of this operating system. However, because the blockchain is not only convenient as a means of payment, in the Telegram are interested to on the basis of TON was created as more apps. They will have to work, but you will not be able to install them on your iPhone or iPad — in the App Store just don’t miss that.