Despite the Russian government’s attempts to block the Telegram, it is considered the main channel for informing the public about the spread of coronavirus infection, not to mention the fact that for many it is the only means of communication with work colleagues, friends and family. Another thing is that one correspondence is far from gone, but because some users in search of video moved into aninstant messengers and communication services, where this function is. Of course, this could not go unnoticed by the developers of Telegram that went to drastic measures.

This year in the Telegram will be equipped with an integrated video calling. About Pavel Durov wrote in the official blog of the messenger. According to him, the current situation dictates new requirements for the development of social services, but because the developers came to the conclusion that the video should appear in the Telegram to help users to maintain eye contact when communicating. This is a very important innovation, considering that now millions of Telegram users are forced to turn toservices with the support of video calling.

Video calls via Telegram

When we launched Telegram 7 years ago, we assumed that people would always prefer the freedom and quality constraints and mediocrity. As soon as the gap between the Telegram and competing services has decreased, we began to realize that they were right. But the current world situation confirmed the need of a robust tool video. Video calls in 2020 very similar to the messaging in 2013. But there are apps that are either safe or suitable for use, but do not possess both these qualities. We would like to fix it, but because we focus on how to ensure users safe group video calls in 2020, — said Pavel Durov.

It turns out that a video call in the Telegram will be available not only tete-a-tete, as in WhatsApp or Viber, but also in the mode group interviews, combining several people. Thus Telegram may become a popular tool for video conferencing, which many now do FaceTime, Zoom, and many other services where the function of group video calling has been available for a long time. Well, if the developers will add to the Telegram messenger is the ability to share the contents of the screen, it will automatically make it a super instrument which with the big share of probability will leave users of Zoom.

Why is Telegram better Zoom

Where such confidence? The whole point of security. Recently it became known that several million users Zoom was hacked and their data leaked. It is difficult to imagine that the messenger of Pavel Durov will be something similar – after all, the Telegram has long been a kind of sign of quality and guarantee safe communication, which will not be able to intervene any hackers or intelligence agencies. And they certainly tried all means bypass the protective mechanisms of the messenger, just to get access to the correspondence of some users.