Bugs is a phenomenon to which iOS users are accustomed for a long time. Despite the fact that the mobile operating system Apple has always been considered the most stable platform, part of this stability was reflected also in the shortcomings, which periodically allowed the developers of the company. Therefore, at some point among the users even had a category of deniers of the updates are either not installed new versions of the iOS, in principle, for years, sitting on obsolete assemblies or installed, but did so with a noticeable delay. However, this approach is not devoid of meaning, but not in the current case.

After the release of iOS 13.4 we have in Telegram-chat began to periodically receive complaints from users who have encountered a rather unusual problem. They said that they just disappeared menu “Share”. Actually the button itself that led to this menu was in place, but instead of the dropdown window with a list of users and applications through which it was possible to send one or another file, there is a blank white area. None of us with this never seen before, but because we were not even embarrassed that in all cases this problem appears only on iPhone and iPad are not affected.

Missing menu “Share” on iOS

No one was faced with the same situation? Don’t know what to do. I have lost the menu “Share”. After clicking the button it’s like it’s not loaded,the window appears, but no apps. Instead of them – a white background without any visible elements. I even tried to push it at random, because I thought that the system just didn’t progruzil icons, but nothing came of it. This problem occurs since last week. Reboot does not help — wrote one user.

First, this one does not attach particular importance, because cases have been on the strength of 1-2, but over time their number has been growing quite rapidly. Therefore, it is logical, my colleagues and suggested to the victims to either reboot the device or perform a full factory reset and reloaded the previously saved backup. That’s just neither one nor the other advice, as it turned out, did not help. Fortunately, the decision came pretty quickly. It prompted one Reddit user, who said that in order to return to the performance menu “Share”, simply delete the WhatsApp and then download it again.

How to fix the menu “Share”

This was the only working and completely universal, coming to all without exception. It turns out that the latest update has caused some crashing, and iOS could not handle all the available apps that can share data, it is because of WhatsApp. This explains the fact that for some users the problem appeared even before installing iOS 13.4, on which all sinned, thinking it was Apple developers again somewhere not dokrutili and thereby affect the performance of one of the components of the operating system.