Apple has several paid services, the total income from which is constantly growing. But how do you know how things are, for example, with Apple TV+ Apple Arcade or Apple Music, if Apple chooses not to publish data on the number of subscribers? The company, from time to time, reports about the success of Apple Pay and the Apple Card (this is services), but about the other is known only Tob that they are still there. And that total income is increasing. Last week, the network published a study of the market for subscription music services in 2019, and now we know the truth about one of the Apple services.

How many people use Apple TV+

Based on indirect data, with Apple TV+ Apple News+, to put it mildly, not all right. Apple News+ at the March Apple event 2019 was talented, everyone immediately wanted to try this service for very little money to access premium content to a variety of publications, subscription to each of which is many times more expensive than a subscription to this service, many people seemed very best deal. The number of subscribers rapidly increased, as appreciation told Tim cook at the opening of WWDC in early June.

For the first two weeks the service has signed up hundreds of thousands of people. Spiteful critics argue that in June the number of subscribers has decreased, the miracle did not happen. Service tricked out, being almost useless. With Apple TV even worse. Tens of millions bought Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV in recent months – subsidized (free) annual subscription to this service, but judging by results of polls on “do you Use Apple TV+?”, few of them are willing to become paying subscribers after the grace period.

According to indirect sources, the service has approximately 10 million real followers, which I doubt. Even if they are really 10 million, that’s less than Hulu, Netflix and Disney+. But most likely, the real number of subscribers willing to pay for use of the service does not exceed $ 5 million.

How many people use Apple Music

According to the study conducted by Counterpoint Research, in 2019 the number of paid subscribers of all music services in the world reached 358 million people, an increase compared to 2018 at 32%. In 2020, as experts suggest Counterpoint Research, despite the pandemic coronavirus and its implications, subscribers to paid music services will become even more, by 25% and will rise to 450 million. That is, the number of subscribers continues to grow, only slower. Let’s wait and see.

Among music service Spotify is in the lead. 35% of 358 million subscribers. And 34% of the earned all of the music services in 2019 income. The fee charged from subscribers is 80% of the revenue services, the remaining 20% brings advertising. In the second place, as the number of subscribers (19%) and income (24%) – Apple Music. In third place is Amazon Music (15% of the total number of subscribers in the world), the fourth – Tencent Music (11%). YouTube Music in fifth place with 6%. The total share of other music services – 14%.

About the services with which all is well, Apple has the pleasure of announcing publicly. In June 2019, at a press conference on the opening of WWDC, Tim cook announced the number of subscribers to the Apple Music – at the time there were 60 million. It seems to be true: in the end of 2019, they were of 68.2 million. And what services do you use? Tell us in our Telegram chatand better complete the poll below.

What happens to Apple TV+

Because of the pandemic of paid video services are on the rise. From Disney+ (service started later than Apple TV+) and Amazon Prime Video – the rapid growth of subscribers. The vast majority of the inhabitants of the Apple ecosystem uses to view video Prime Video for tvOS and iOS/iPadOS. Actually, Apple admitted defeat in the latest version of Prime Video have the opportunity to buy or rent video content.

Thus, for the first time in the history of iOS and iOS-like operating systems, Apple was allowed to use in this application own Amazon, instead of Apple service. During ten years of existence, Apple IAP (service sales from the app) this has never happened, and just couldn’t be. IAP in 30% of payment goes to Apple. The terms of the agreement under which Amazon suddenly allowed to use their own service, is unknown, but almost certainly Amazon will Apple deduct a smaller percentage.