I have many times tried to go to work with the iPad. All experiments were reduced to just forget about the iMac and the MacBook and go completely on the tablet. Apple have said many times to us that an iPad is a full replacement computer, but I don’t believe and every time I came back. Time passed by, there was a new accessory that I bought or took from someone to borrow and after a while everything returned to normal. The other day I had another attempt. Apple released a case for the iPad, which can be considered almost perfect. I started to use it and the text already written on it. Am I ready to abandon the computer?

Keyboard new iPad

In parallel with the new keyboard, I started to use the new iPad Pro, about which I will talk about later. Given that from the previous generation it differs, in fact, the emergence of certain functions, the story is very long, but to draw him to the story of the keyboard is not worth it. Notice I specifically avoid the word “review”. In this case, it seems to me inappropriate. To overlook nothing – by and large it’s just a keyboard – interesting sensation that it provides to the user.

When I took the accessory out of the box, I realized that it is much harder than I thought in the beginning. It weighs more than the tablet itself, but this is not surprising when you realize how much it is. There’s even a backlight for easy operation in the dark. Personally, I have always lacked in the previous version, which I had first iPad Pro 10.5, and then for iPad Pro 11. Overall, these keyboards can be considered similar in their design. The differences between them are minimal, if we talk only about the keys.

In respect of materials, I can say that all traditionally. If the differences between the previous cases and Smart Keyboard are, they are insignificant.

If we talk about design, we can think of only one thing — the keyboard was soft and slightly bent when the tablet was not on the table, and on his knees. In addition, he is constantly falling. In the case of the iPad Pro with 10.5 it is not fastened in any way, except allocative. The case was magnetica end, and then folded into a triangle, which side stuck the keyboard itself. If you tilt the entire structure for himself, he just fell. With a novelty that does not happen – it is very elastic. And the tablet is slightly elevated, which helps not to get your fingers in the screen when you dial numbers. Before it happened to me not constantly but very often.

Initially just wonder how much effort you have to put to open this case with a tablet inside. Then you realize that this feeling develops on the background of the use to this MacBook Pro, which offers much softer. A little later, realize that if you do not do the design like this, it is so well and firmly kept on the weight.

And keeps it really well – there are no hints that the tablet may fall, or the angle of attachment will change under the weight of the device.

How to work Magic Keyboard Pro for iPad

The design of the case is really handy that it hinges operate on line. The main, which is located at the edge of the body opens almost immediately. There is even something like a retainer provisions. At some point it as if it is latched in the open position. However, in this position, the opening angle is less than 90 degrees – there is a small blockage “on”.

More over the opening meets the second hinge on the back of the tablet. It is a little softer, but not immediately opened due to the fact that the bottom of the tablet held in position by magnets. When the main joint is no longer open, and you continue to open, the magnet detaches and soft hinge you can choose a convenient position of the tablet. Everything is closed in the reverse sequence. Initially it triggered a softer top to the tablet is a fully touched the back wall, and then the main. Simply put, don’t separate something close or open. Just pull the arm up and down like a laptop and the hinges do everything themselves. I enjoyed it very much and it is completely in the spirit of Apple, which will bring their products to perfection, thinking about things that just don’t come into our head.

Keyboard new cover for iPad Pro

As for the keyboard, a new case, it’s just some strawberry ice cream – it’s so cool. Of course, with a keyboard Mac it still doesn’t compare, but so she approached him and so much better than the previous options that you just want to applaud the company.

Yes, the trackpad is a bit small for those used to laptops, but it’s there and it’s already good, which was missing for so many years. Except for the size, this is almost the same MacBook keyboard with all the keys and their combinations. Even trackpad supports gestures with two and three fingers, accustomed to users of Apple laptops.

I have used a few MacBook on 13-inch version in 2017 with keyboard-butterfly 16 dumoga monster for 400 000 rubles, about which talked a lot at the end of last year. In the new case Magic Keyboard Pro for iPad keys between these computers and more similar to those that are part of the normal desktop version of Magic Keyboard. At least I thought so.

How to best charge the iPad Pro

I found the best way to charge iPad Pro that I used before. Seriously! Charging in the new case is made so to place that best it was. When the tablet just sits on the nightstand and charging, do not care where the nest is. But if you use a tablet, this wire runs from the middle of the bottom part and just looming eyes, very annoying.

In the new case the problem was solved very elegantly – charging is at the bottom and allows you to not pay attention to the wire during operation. So the design becomes even more similar to a laptop. Interestingly, this nest can only charge, it is impossible to connect external devices (hard drive, flash drive, etc.). To do this, still have to use the main connector. As I see it, using a smart connector is simply impossible to transfer data at the normal speed and the company abandoned this method of connection.

Is it worth buying Magic Keyboard

In the end once again will praise kupertinovtsy for their approach. They made another cool accessory that is worthy of a place in the list of best accessories, which has led a few months ago. It works great, looks cool and even the weight of bother not so much, considering you are, in fact, a laptop. Dissatisfied will, perhaps, only owners of light 12-inch MacBook.

If you are thinking to switch from MacBook to a tablet with a keyboard and you type a lot, go once if you want to use the tablet separately. If will still only use the keyboard, the switch is not necessary.

If you have no computer and you want to buy a “typewriter”, it’s probably best to pay attention to the MacBook, yet it has more features, and the dimensions of the keyboard has more.