After the release of iPhone SE second generation, some began to say that, they say, in Russia it is too expensive and cheaper to buy the phone in USA and use a service for the delivery in Russia. It would be really really beneficial to from the old customs regulations, exchange rate of the dollar is around 65 rubles, and without the lack of restrictions on flights between the two countries. Let’s count and see whether in the U.S. to buy an iPhone 2 now SE can be cheaper.

Price iPhone SE 2020 in America

First about the main fallacy of the American online Apple store. Many come to the site, see the price at $ 229 for a new iPhone SE and say that “here in the States the iPhone is less than 20,000 rubles.” Why do not all read the footnote that this price is valid only when you surrender your old phone in trade-in — from Russia, you can’t get it done now. The actual SE price iPhone in USA is $ 399 — that so much of it is available to buy now.

And most importantly: the price on the U.S. site are indicated without taxes. It you are paying at the checkout or when shopping online. For example, how much is iPhone 2 SE for the new Yorker, who will order it on the Apple website:

To buy iPhone in USA or in Russia?

If to the advantage of the mail-forwarders (services that deliver from USA to Russia), they usually give you the address in a tax-free state (usually Delaware). With their help you can really buy the iPhone with no additional SE taxes for the same $ 399. But you will need to pay for the shipping to the service.

Of course, you can ask someone to buy you a new iPhone SE in the United States, he will issue a tax refund and will buy a phone around 30,000 rubles ($399). More precisely, it could be done. Now the borders are closed.

Let’s assume that you found a good mail forwarder that takes you to iPhone SE from the US to Russia 1 000 rubles. Will add to the price of the phone — will receive 31 000. Anyway, after all more profitable than in Russia, right? But we forget about one important point.

From 1 January 2020 any item more expensive than 200 euros ordered from foreign online shops, subject to an additional duty of 15%. Another new feature — previously, the duty calculated on the sum of all packages for the month, now it is individual for each order. In other words, you can order at least 10 packages for 199 euros each and not pay a fee. However, this is not the case, iPhones for 199 euros until sold.

To pay duty need not of the entire amount of the purchase, but only from that which exceeds 200 euros. Our iPhone is 368 euros, you will need to pay the 15% (368 euros — 200 euros) 168 Euro. This is an additional 25 Euro or 27 dollars.

Our total iPhone cost 31 000 + a fee of 2 000 rubles (27 USD) + 2 000 for shipping + insurance, without which almost no one will carry your iPhone (about 1000 rubles) = 36 000. Officially this phone is 39 990 rubles. The actual savings are about 4 000 rubles.

Why is it better to buy iPhone in Russia

But here you need to weigh the pros and cons. Yes, you can save these 4 000, but now no one knows when it will get. On the American site of Apple shipping new iPhone SE is on 20 may, add to this the delivery time in Russia — in the best case at the beginning of June you will receive your phone. In Russia, however you will take it for 12 to 14 may. In addition, with the current situation and the prohibition of flights between the two countries offers mail-forwarders may not be available and delivery will take even more time.

Well, plus, buying the official iPhone in Russia, you are guaranteed to get an extra year warranty by law on protection of consumer rights. For someone a trifle, but many in our Telegram chat told me how she passed the phone to the service after 1.5 years of use, when it was found, for example, marriage camera, and they repaired for free the device.