Since XR iPhone, Apple has rejected the technology of 3D Touch, which respond to increased tapping the display, in favor of Haptic Touch. It works in a similar way, but instead of pressing force used for long retention. To receive haptic feedback, as before, uses the vibration motor Taptic Engine. That is the feeling and functionality the same, but the principle of operation is quite different. Not an exception and iPhone SE 2, which also introduces Haptic Touch, but as it turned out, that phone technology is reduced.

The problem of the new iPhone SE

The first buyers of the new iPhone SE, including the authors of our editors, found that Haptic Touch doesn’t work with notifications. If you long to hold your finger on the notification in notification Center or lock screen, an additional menu notifications is not disclosed as it is done on other iPhones. For example, in some applications it is possible therefore to mute the alert (30 minutes or 1 hour), and some even let you interact with content: immediately remove the email in the spam in your mail client or end task in to-do application.

One of the first raised the fur fly Reddit:

I got my iPhone 2 SE yesterday and very quickly realized that Haptic Touch is not supported in notifications. For some reason nobody writes, they say in the reviews, information online no no. Haptic Touch works on application icons, as before, but if you are on the lock screen or in notification Center, and trying hard to keep the incoming email to delete it, or want to quickly reply to a message, you will not be able to do it.

On the flagship Apple devices with support for Haptic Touch, such as and iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro, long press on a notification in notification Center or the lock screen displays an additional menu-based application, from which you received the notification.

IPhone SE this function does not, and it’s even a little funny, because the same iPhone 8, on the basis of which created a new phone, and access to additional menu is — however, there is used for that 3D Touch.

A Reddit user called the Apple support, where he said that Apple has no plans to release a software update for its complaint. The story quickly became popular in the Network and reached the journalist TechCrunch. He stated that this is not a bug, and the feature works the way I wanted in the Apple. However, for whatever reason, Apple’s made this decision, not reported. The journalist admitted that he sees no technical obstacles to this, and if he had to choose between buying iPhone SE 2 , and other iPhone, due to the nature of work Haptic Touch he would not have chosen the new SE. And for you it would be critical? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

Not working long press on the notification in the iPhone SE 2

What to do if you interact with the notifications you want in the same way as before? There is ansolution — just swipe left on the notification and click on the word “Watch”. Opens additional menu notifications, as in the case of Haptic Touch. Of course, this method is longer and not as convenient as a long press, but noyet.